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Saints app vs website

Matty's Caddy

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Hi all. 
I’ve been trying to print off my tickets for today using the saints app on an iPhone. 
when I press download I just get the spinny thing and the ticket doesn’t appear. 
So I logged on thru the website but can’t  find where they keep the tickets thru the sub headings on there? Phoned the club for help but obviously closed on a Sunday even though it’s a match day 

Very frustrating…..


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On the website go to https://tickets.southamptonfc.com/account/login?lang=en

Log in to your account

On the right hand side click on 'purchase history'

Find your order in the list and click on 'SEE DETAILS'

Underthe ticket you should see a red 'REPRINT' button.

Near the top there is a drop down box with 'BOOKING OWNER'

Select the other ticket owner(s) and reprint their tickets.

You may need to select 'desktop mode' on your browser.


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