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  1. As much as his finishing does your head in, he wins us possession high up the field with his pace putting pressure on the defenders. Makes a huge difference to our pressing game. Anyway, good enough for RH.....
  2. Under the east stand that night, remember it like yesterday. Funny how certain games stick in the memory As everyone walked out, a massive rendition of ‘f@@k off Swindon, Swindon f@@k off’ Happy times
  3. Could it possibly be something to do with his ‘pep’ talk? (See what I did there?)
  4. Site requires a credit card, always wary about that. Do I or don’t I?
  5. Iptv???? What is this? Explanation for dummies please
  6. Trying to subscribe to sportsmania but it requires bitcoin payment which I’m not doing. Is there any other way to pay or is there a similar type of site I can use???
  7. Not this old chestnut again. Our badge is unique. Leave it alone ffs
  8. Matty's Caddy


    He's fookin awful.
  9. Thanks jonnyboy so many vpns to choose from so I've just copied yours. Beautiful.
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