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Went along to SMS last night for a packed (and I mean packed!!) dinner event to raise funds for the Saints Foundation - now 20 yrs old.

Raised over £100k for the charity.

Good to see Ralf, the new owners, Kat Liebherr plus families, Martin Semmen etc plus JWP, Oriel and Jack Stephens plus a cameo appearance from Sam McQueen.

We may be average on the field but the club seems to do a very good job in the Community.

Perhaps wrong to say this but a couple of the Saints womens team who were up on the podium looked very attractive and I am sure they are excellent players.

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Fair comment.

However there were two ladies on our table who were taken by the looks of Sam McQeen and Jack Stephens (a beardy thing I understand) so I assumed in todays world there is a degree of equality.

However I have learned a lesson and it wont happen again .

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