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  1. I did ask that and said what if Mr Ings gets a call up for the Friday game against Italy, the fella replied with nonchalant “don’t know”
  2. I actually contacted the club after I posted the original question and was told that should Arsenal beat that lot then the game scheduled for the 22nd will definitely be on the 25th March (Wednesday) and for those that bought tickets for the game on the 22nd and can’t make the 25th will be refunded in full
  3. As this weekend has been set aside for the 6th round of the cup and assuming Arsenal beat that lot down the road, would our fixture be more than likely moved to a midweek evening, just trying to plan ahead?
  4. I don`t think so, this happened just to my left KNG Centre block 29
  5. I had a spare up for grabs hence the FOC in brackets, I wouldn’t expect to be given one free of charge
  6. As the title says spare ticket for today's game (FOC) best to message me via here before 1pm
  7. Yep, but your account won`t accept pm`s
  8. Prince Of Wales Northam Road is near the ground or the Pitcher and Piano Ocean Village is only a ten minute walk away both allow kids
  9. How`s that then, if Cardiff win on Wednesday against City they`ll be on 31 points 2 behind us and then haven`t got a game until the 13th
  10. Cheers Noodles and Guided for sorting this out:thumbup:
  11. Nothing to sort out as far as I`m concerned but I`m sure you`ll be inundated with offers, I was just looking for a single ticket for a mate who wants to go
  12. Hi mate, after one ticket if still available? Cheers
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