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  1. Just north of 4/1 following the Wolves defeat.
  2. We continue to inch out - now 11/2 after the admirable point yesterday.
  3. Out a little more to 5/1 after the point against West Ham.
  4. Eased a tiny bit to just north of 4/1 after throwing away two points/salvaging a point (delete as appropriate) at Newcastle.
  5. You didn't actually read what I wrote, did you?
  6. Just about to watch the game but my query from this thread is how these things that (most) of the forum agree on can all be true... 1) Tino was finished after an hour. 2) JWP was below par. 3) Romeu had a stinker. 4) Djenepo was horrendous. 5) Armstrong was poor. 6) Adams was well below par. 7) Generally speaking we played really well.
  7. Prices still settling after after the Man U game, but we have eased out to around 4/1......
  8. Well, here we are folks - again. Will the people who have filled the last four editions of this with "we are 100% down" have learnt their lesson? Will those who assume that because we survived those we'll survive again be in for a nasty surprise? Opening salvo following the opening day defeat at Everton is 3/1 - the bedwetters will be astonished we're not odds-on already whilst those who see a team that topped the table last November and have added the Golden Boot winner elect and the greatest RB to ever play the game, will be surprised it doesn't have a nought after it. We shall see......
  9. I don't normally post the odds for individual games but even I was a bit surprised by this so God knows what the bedwetters will make of it......at the moment on Betfair Everton are odds against (5/4 indeed!).......😮
  10. 50/1 post Leeds which, to those insistent that we are clearly slap-bang in the middle of a dogfight, must seem er, huge.
  11. Well hello again.......80/1 on Betfair for those who thought our great run was always going to end but our losing streak will obviously just keep going forever.
  12. I really didn't think I'd get to do one of these this year, but thanks to our dismal return from the mini-break and the insatiable appetite from our fans to wet the bed.....here we are! 9/1 is the opening mark if you are that way inclined......
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