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  1. Youve got that down to a T! Something with Pompey in thats a nicer place to visit kinda makes me be a little bit sick in my mouth though.
  2. Dam copy and paste!!!! somehoe missed off your magnificent number and must of moved everyone elses numbers up one!!!!
  3. yeah Im just outside the top 20 so stopped there. ;o)
  4. Top 20 trousers Posts 2,290 dubai_phil Posts 2,096 pedg Posts 1,655 OldNick Posts 1,421 rallyboy Posts 1,318 Gemmel Posts 1,237 Channon's Sideburns Posts 1,163 Gingeletiss Posts 1,149 View From The Top Posts 1,020 Crab Lungs Posts 956 EastleighSoulBoy Posts 933 Dark Munster Posts 890 sidthesquid Posts 876
  5. He blocked me when I said the club was shameless when it went on about pre-season trips abroad when its fleaced so many. He doesnt like a ballenced argument does he?
  6. Ah of course, cant doc points off a club that has gone pop!!!
  7. On that basis getting a new CVA agreed that effectivly fails the previous CVA is meaningless while the club remain in Admin as the new CVA doesnt take effect until they exit Admin. So the FL cant realy argue the points to start at the beginining of the season. But I cant see how the club can argue the points shouldnt stand at all when the new CVA starts and basically bin's the previous CVA. Unless a new CVA has been drawn up to include the previous CVA at 100% of its worth? Im starting to get confused as to which Admins they have had points for and which ones they havent!!!!
  8. If they manage to start and finish the season and end up relegated....... would there be another dose of parachute payments that BC will be happy to hoover up?
  9. Is that true? Genuine question as I had not seen that anywhere before? It so I am even prouder about my club, The Admin was pretty hard to take even when it was over reasonably small sums compared to others, if we did a deal that actually took care of our creditors should we rise through the leagues but helped us should we faulter then thats alot of back scratching and should leave us with a very good name. To get back in the prem knowing we have done our best to satisfy those that may have lost money as opposed to wiping 98% of debt and fleacing local small bussiness' is a huge thing an
  10. Wasnt it said that someone missed his mortage payment so he could pledge not once, not twice, but THREE times? If he missed a very important payment to pledge £300 where does he expect to find the other £2700? I wondow how many others have also pledged without actually thinking how they plan to pay the remainder?
  11. Didnt 2 of those 3 players sign their over paid contracts while Chainrai/portpin were last in charge? So effectively he is apologising for his mistake and now wants the players to pay for it? I wonder why they don't want to budge?
  12. There have been people on here trying to get you to shut up for years!!!! I didn't realise it would be so easy. ;-) X
  13. Not putting a damper on any particular terrible event but I read yesterday that ghengis khan's army killed over 1.5 million people in 1 hour in a war that was going on. Obviously a big difference in the way people live back then and more recent history but 1.5 Million!!!!
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