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  1. Would it make any difference to the result if they did?
  2. I think we crossed the half way line once in a recent game - can't recall which one though.
  3. Like the players I couldn't give a shit about this match. Roll on the official end of the season.
  4. Not sure it's hate. I think most of us are just bitterly disappointed and frustrated that, having anticipated and looked forward to such a massive game, the players just didn't turn up. It is not as though Leicester played out of their skins - they were pretty ordinary and yet, in over 90 minutes, we could neither ruffle them into errors nor show any guile ourselves that might have led to us at least testing Schmeichel. It all smacked of a total lack of self belief and courage - we just seemed so meek and timid and unwilling to attempt to impose ourselves on the game. As a team we were conten
  5. At no stage did we look as though we could come even close to winning that game of football.
  6. Where did it go and what was the final score?
  7. They had other good chances and on another day that could easily have been 3 or 4 nil. Madison had two good chances and Iheanacho had a shot blocked and there were other half chances. We created nothing.
  8. We didn't have a single effort on target in a game as important as the semi-final of the FA Cup. The fact that Leicester didn't dominate us is not relevant - they scored a goal and we had zero attempts on target. If you're happy with that then fine but I suspect you are on your own. That was a gutless display.
  9. The kit man has the easiest job, he won't even have to turn the machine on after that because there'll be no blood, sweat, tears or dirt on the shorts and shirts.
  10. Gutless. Never turned up, took absolutely zero risk and were just content to make sure we didn't take a hammering. I'd rather we'd lost 2 or 3 nil and had some efforts on goal than that sterile shit. Fuming at that pathetic display in a semi-final of the FA Cup.
  11. That was a totally negative first half from us. We are afraid to move the ball forward quickly and would rather dwell on it, go backwards, rinse and repeat. If that continues there is only going to be one winner. Time to see if Ralph has any tactical nous to change the direction of a match.
  12. We need to start fast and make them feel vulnerable or it'll be one way traffic. Doesn't look as though we've picked a side to sit back so let's get on the front foot and give it a real good go.
  13. Didn't expect Djenepo although not against his selection. He's a wild card and you never know what you are going to get. If it is one of his good days he'll cause Leicester plenty of problems. I think we're setting up to press Schmiechel when they pass back to him as a route to put them under pressure.
  14. True enough but Fraser's gloves always look huge when he is playing.
  15. Looks like a huge pair of goalie gloves hanging up so assume big Fraser is between the sticks.
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