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  1. Howe made the mistake of surrounding himself with mates as coaching staff rather than opt for people with talent. Eventually that caught up with him and Bmuff became stale and lacking in any new ideas.
  2. Having watched his videos I can't pay Salisu a higher compliment than the fact that he reminds me of a young Kolo Toure when he first broke into the Arsenal team.
  3. Maybe the centre back is Chris Mepham seeing as Bmuff are now a Championship club.
  4. How does he work that out? The only stat they were ahead in was fouls committed.
  5. I think Adams is starting to show that he is learning from playing alongside Danny Ings. The four goals he scored recently were all different but each was very good technically.
  6. West Ham with zero shots on target against Villa!
  7. As things stand Villa could stay up at the expense of Bmuff thanks to the 'goal' Sheff Utd scored when VAR was not working. How cruel would that be!
  8. Do Leicester still want the lanky one with the speed and mobility of a lamp post?
  9. Looks like Bmuff or Villa to stay up.
  10. Must have been the Chelsea semi then as it was definitely at Wembley.
  11. As I said, not much to get you out of your seat and evidently you agree with me.
  12. Not much in his skills video to get you out of your seat. He is a very lazy player who only does it on the few occasions he can be bothered. I remember the first half in our league cup final against Man Utd he could barely be bothered to jog slowly around a small area of the pitch. Not someone I'd welcome back as he would detract from the team spirit that has been built.
  13. Bournemouth have a massive game on Sunday. They play Everton who cannot win any more money - in fact they will possibly lose a bit if Bmuff beat them. Whereas, for Eddie Howe and his team, they are playing for many millions in terms of a retained spot in the Premier League. It is more than a cup final for Bmuff and surely Howe must get every last ounce of effort and commitment from his side. He should be driving them on from the touchline, encouraging but, where necessary, balling out any players not doing their jobs. Howe should send his team out with instructions to fight, close down, make lung bursting runs and tackle like tigers - he has plenty of subs to bring on so no excuse for slacking. This is the final throw of the dice so they better make it a good one and put everything in. If so, by sheer will and the fact that Everton have practically nothing to play for, Bmuff may get the win against the odds. Even that will not be enough if Watford or Villa pick up something but at least they will have given it their best shot. Let's see what Eddie Howe is made of because I keep hearing what a genius he is - well, now is the time to prove it.
  14. Said last week we should be looking at Eze. Think West Ham and Palace are interested so hope we are just keeping our powder dry.
  15. There you go. Pathetic display from Arsenal. They couldn't muster a single shot on target against Villa. Says it all. Bmuff fans must be fuming.
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