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  1. Still like to know the truth about what we are paying Theo per week.
  2. How is he doing this bloke who is only good enough to be an impact sub? I know he's apparently not in the same league as AA and Che because he is raw and has so much to learn. I guess he's had his chance, not taken it, and should be back on the bench next week?
  3. I'd be interested to hear Ralph explain why he hooked Walcott at half time previously then reinstated him to the team and gave him a large chunk of the game yesterday inspite of him continuing to play so poorly. I just can't get my head around this decision. I don't expect any of the lapdog press to raise this question with him at the presser ahead of the next game because they collectively give him a very easy ride. It's like him being questioned by a bunch of his mates.
  4. I think Ralph has painted himself into a corner. He seems one of the few who don't see the benefits of a KWP/Tino partnership on the right but if he tries it now and it works a dream he makes himself look a complete incompetent.
  5. Chelsea fans asking the club to recall Broja after injuries to Lukaku and Werner. Fortunately for us it seems that, even if they wanted to, they'd have to wait until January
  6. Just had a gander at Newcastle's fixtures to the end of he year and they could well be in the doo doo. Bearing in mind they can't buy new players I doubt they'll get many more than 10 points from them and that's being generous. That would leave them with 13 points after 20 games so right in the thick of a battle to stay up. The good news for us is that we play them on 2 January so they will not have time to get in new blood to face us. It's going to be an interesting ride for the new owners and they may need to shell out more than they anticipated in the January window. Of course, they might g
  7. Strong rumours that the Saudis have asked Ashley for their money back because what they bought is not fit for purpose.
  8. Can't work out if there is a problem with the volume control on my TV. Watching the Newcastle game and it started very loud but now, no matter how high I put the volume, it is almost silent.
  9. Just showed a shot of the new Newcastle owner - looked as though he was sending a text to find out how much of his money he can get back by selling the club 🙂
  10. I felt Broja provided a presence that unsettled the Leeds back line and that alone possibly created extra space for others to make runs etc that might not have been the case with either AA or Adams up top. I don't dismiss what AA and Adams bring to the side because they are both fine players in their own right. I have often pointed out that AA has been starved of the kind of service he will thrive on so we've yet to see the best of him though his fine strike against Everton gave us an inkling. I just believe Broja gives us more of an edge as the out and out striker because he has more strings
  11. Also, you listed those players as a comparison to Broja not me.
  12. You forgot his run past a couple of players into the left side of the box and low shot saved by the keeper in the first half. How many efforts between them did Redmond, Djenepo, Elyounoussi, Tino and Peraud manage?
  13. I said when he signed that he reminded me of Kolo Toure and nothing I've seen has changed my mind. Ok, he had a brain fart yesterday with a poor pass leading to a burst through the middle from James which he didn't deal with particularly well. However, his overall performance levels this season have been off the charts and he is only going to get better. As others have said, it is a matter of time before the big boys come sniffing and he is likely to be already on their radar. Maybe Newcastle will go after him, that wouldn't surprise me.
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