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  1. Lots of doom and gloom on here. We lost by the odd goal to multi-million pound Man Utd who will be pushing for a top 4 spot. They knew they'd been in a game but probably deserved the win. There is a reason they are better than us and that's a thing called money. Get over this and move on to the next game but we are not suddenly a poor side just because we lose to Man Utd.
  2. 4 points from 2 games without Ingsy....what's not to like!
  3. Good point against a tough opponent who are in the midst of a good run.
  4. Even Sleepy Joe Biden wouldn't stoop to those levels of corruption.
  5. Teddeer

    Injury Watch

    It's a hamstring problem apparently.
  6. Glad to see that, according to the Echo, the club have not allowed Jan to travel.
  7. Very interesting article and it gave me a real tingle of appreciation for what Ralph is achieving. One of the things that resonated with me was the section about Ralph orchestrating the tempo from his technical area. It's got me wondering whether the absence of crowd noise has made his input from the sidelines far more effective because the players can hear loud and clear what he is instructing them to do. I imagine with a full stadium most of his shouting is swallowed up by the noise of the fans.
  8. The club should be refusing to allow Vestergaard to travel.
  9. Surely Jan will just have a test when he gets back?
  10. At least we had a longer reign at the top than Spuds.
  11. Now down to 3rd....dropping like a stone 🙂
  12. Better for us to sit on the shoulder of the leaders and then pounce when it is too late for them to recover 🙂
  13. Not sure if he is injured but I see Loftus-Cheek can't even make Fulham's first eleven - he is on the bench. Also, Lemina injured again and replaced by Reed.
  14. Guaranteed to be top at 5pm today.
  15. Thought the fantastic save came just after Armstrong put us two up but could be mistaken.
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