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  1. Dear me. And above we have another of the merry clique band of idiots saying I am dick swinging when in fact it is clearly him not me. I can and will answer every thing but only when I get the money.
  2. So, put up your email address so i can email you account details. Bottom line. Be honest in front of all your peers, or you are going to look an utter idiot. Would you send me £1,000 (one thousand UK pounds) to my bank just for answering a question? No if, but maybe. Simple yes or no. Every single person on this forum knows you will NOT. So why bother pretending?
  3. So, someone promises me a grand and I am the troll? LOL. You know and I know you will never pay up in a million years. So, can you explain why you made such a silly claim? OK, so send me a private message so we can exchange emails and i will give you the account details. Why should I? Will you call him out as a liar and troll if I answer and he does not pay up? No, you will just laugh.
  4. How childish can u be. There is no chance of you giving me £1,000 after I answer. If you can pay it into my lawyers escrow tomorrow and he sends me proof, I will answer right away. You won't. When I answer you will make up some silly excuse as to why the deal is null and void. Jeez how old are you?
  5. LOL. So you are guaranteeing me £1,000 in my UK Bank account as soon as I answer? LOL. Just how stupid and childish are you? Do you really expect me to believe that? There is not a chance in hell you will pay up. I doubt you have that kind of money anyway.
  6. My tuppence worth. I think we have done well so far in this window. We are no weaker in the main as most of the players that have left so far played little if any part last season. We are getting shot of the dead wood. The ones we have brought in are quite exciting and highly rated, save for Walcott. Yes, we probably need a bit more strength in depth, but we are not a money bags club so when injuries get tough, we are bound to fall on hard times and have to rely on youth.
  7. Oh dear. Point out one hole in my theory, most of which I have not even bothered to touch on as you are all far to system dependant and thus totally incapable of seeing outside state controlled media propaganda. As proven totally and utterly by someone's comments above about it being impossible as all scientists and doctors would have to collude. That has to be the most stupid in thought out comment in internet history.
  8. Nope. No answer until I have a guarantee he will pay up.
  9. And when I answer you will Welch and run off, making you look a bit silly really. Again.
  10. So, when this super variant comes and kills 30% of you over the next year or so, you will still totally believe it was the virus and not the Vax. Lol. There is no helping some.
  11. Let's be honest here; every last one of you knows full well this is a sham, but you have no gumption to stand up and want to virtue signal as being a good little sheep and having the Vax. How many of you have put that silly Facebook frame saying look at me, I am fully vaxxed. Deep down inside you know it is dodgy and so you try to force everyone to have it, because if you are going to suffer you want everyone to suffer.
  12. This is so true. Seriously if you have not realised that something is not quite right after nearly 18 months I dont know what to say!! 🤔 If you still believe in the mainstream narrative, I have a few questions and can’t wait for a public enquiry ....... Explain how the flu disappeared but has been replaced with something which has the EXACT same symptoms. Explain why they downgraded "Covid-19" from a high consequential infectious disease days before they declared a pandemic. March 2020 gov website Explain how they pulled the coronavirus Act 2020 legislation together in a
  13. Likely this will as ever fall on deaf ears, but here goes anyway. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/new-covid-variant-could-kill-24656837?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Future planning is nicely underway so that when the vax starts to kill people they can say it is this new variant. Note also, Vaccines set to continue to be redeveloped for many years to come LOL. Can you honestly not see it? It is so clear now so so many millions that this is planned.
  14. You ran off. Not me. As u did above as ever, citing your superiority and an unwillingness to debate with people you believe are beneath you. A huge flaw in personality that.
  15. No, you're not clever by using silly quotes. Clever is being able to debate in an adult manner and not throwing toys out of one's pram when rumbled.
  16. So you always do this act when outted yes? I'm not interested. You're boring. I can't be bothered. Basically as you have been shown up yet again. If you can't debate, don't rule and act all high and mighty. It will save you alot of embarrassment.
  17. Translated into, yes I see you are quite correct and that there are examples of just this, despite my original comment that i hastily deleted to stop myself looking silly.
  18. Before you edited your post, because you realised there are loads of examples....here is just one. Scroll down to where it is made clear the Daily Mail are full of BS. Of course, you will argue, shout and stamp your feet having been shown up. But this is factually claiming any article in the DM is BS.
  19. People posting links to articles and then proclaiming that article to be true, factual and accurate in every way, while denouncing any other article which calls it out as BS. Basically saying, this is true, if you do not agree you are stupid.
  20. Sorry, you clearly did not read my post and ignored all the questions. I will reciprocate.
  21. Death is not a side affect. Have u ever wondered why they do not take into account medical allergies when dishing out the Vax to all and sundry? Stockholm syndrome for u.
  22. Brilliant. I can show u many articles saying the opposite to this. It's a bit like a left leaning chap posting links to a story in the guardian and telling everyone it is fact, while denouncing anything said in any other media outlet. Pathetic stuff. Copied from another forum the below perfectly describes what is happening to you all. So the prisoners have become the prison guards. Some of you on here are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and will never want to reclaim your freedoms, as it is more comfortable being told what to do than to make your own intelligent decisions.Audlos H
  23. You never answered mine, I am reciprocating.
  24. Hilarious stuff but at the same time all very sad that you all queue up for an untested medicine with no come back if you get messed up or killed by it. I guess some people just cannot be helped.
  25. Here's an easy question for the mass media brainwashed. Do you not find it at all strange or worrying that this is the first medicine exempted from malpractice type cases? If this vaccine harms you are kills you, you have zero legal rights. Any alarm bells?
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