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  1. Think that door was well & truly shut before Saturday. RH isn’t renowned for u turns either. It’s FF if he’s fit or Willy or maybe Theo?
  2. I find the irony of Forster being injured just mind boggling. Not saying he’s faking but after have such a period with basically 2x 7 out of 10 keepers & then to lose both at same time & then poor HL gets well & totally binned. What a FU. Still moving on; I presume our early season messiah will still be injured, so I’d assume no change up front. Diallo is a “given” . I wonder if Willy plays a couple of blinders, we give him a wacking great contract & he morphs into a crap 40 yr old?
  3. Agree with your comments but there’s no way Ralph will drop McCarthy after Leicester.
  4. 100% on the tougher/cleverer point. We just don’t seem to be able to “play” to a refs strengths / weaknesses, whereas other teams & especially Leicester last eve worked out on the edge, niggly fouls weren’t going to get punished. Wise up Ralph.
  5. Like someone else said, I’m still scared from THAT game. We’ll need a lot of things to go right for us, starting with Ralph picking the right team & formation, to get anything tonight. I don’t normally predict a score but just feel Maddison will terrorise us. Sincerely hope I’m wrong.
  6. Totally agree but I think there’s a lot of thought that constant barracking will influence the next decision in their favour.
  7. Wait until we go 1-0 up; we’ll definitely be cacking it then 🤣 UTS regardless
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