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  1. I don't think they've done anything different to other clubs (I think I read somewhere there are some holding on to money longer than Saints). Apart from that I think you'll find we bought our season tickets using free will. No one forced us.
  2. Pretty sure I've read that view before. No wait - that was Vesty... ...or was it JWP... ...or was it Romeu...
  3. if we had bought Welbeck, Walcott would have gone elsewhere. No contest for me.
  4. We can’t win every week but you can get better each week and that is what we were doing. Feel sorry for Walcott as he would have easily been MOTM if it wasn’t for Vesty who was outstanding. I was also impressed with crowd (other than the odd moron with mask around the neck..) who were very patient and now seem to understand why we pass back occasionally to keep possession and then look for a way to unlock the defence
  5. BBC showing a good sense of humour. For those not able to access Prime, the beeb are showing ‘Wreck It Ralph’ at he same time. Got to be a good omen 😇
  6. Yeah - 10 days is a hell of a goal drought
  7. Can't say I'm unhappy about this news. Stability has been a key factor to our success. Really don't want to see any risk introduced with a new owner who wants to make his or her 'mark' on the club. Say what you like about Gao - he does let the club run without interference.
  8. That was this month. Last month it was Vesterguard. Before that it was Hoedt. Fickle? Yes. Thick? You've just lost the crowd...
  9. Mowgli

    Injury Watch

    We also have Long, Obafemi, N'lundulu, Redders and Tella giving us options around the top half of the pitch. They will all be itching to get a chance to prove themselves.
  10. I doubt he has even read the FA's new diversity code. Whilst I applaud the 'black lives matter' campaign he needs to realise that diversity covers that and so much more. Anyone who hasn't seen the 2020 Diversity and Equality report from the club can find it here - https://www.southamptonfc.com/news/2020-10-26/southampton-football-club-equality-and-diversity-report-2020.
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