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  1. I've got one but the red and white colours around the outer edge are reversed (white at the top and red at the bottom) and no markings on the back. Can't remember how I came by it, probably belong to my Dad.
  2. You can see part of his forehead as well, just above the light green 'patch' in the hedge.
  3. It's on Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 2HD starting at 1:00pm with kick off at 1:30pm.
  4. ... to so many! (with apologies to Sir Winston Churchill)
  5. My neighbour is a big Donny fan (has a season ticket) and he says that Donny are asking £1.75m + SG for Stock. Whether it's true or not, I don't know. Guess we'll wait and see.
  6. I've just been looking at the Donny Rovers official site and whilst says that tickets may be purchased on the day (CASH ONLY - no cards or cheques), it doesn't mention whether this facility is available for away fans. It might be worth calling the ticket office on 01302 762576 for a definitive answer.
  7. The Keepmoat Stadium is close to the Yorkshire Outlet at Lakeside and there is a pub there well within walking distance. There's another (The Cheswold) over close to where the old ground was and that's within walking distance but further than the one above. Both of these are combined with Premier Inns. There is another (The Woodfield Farm) just after you come off the M18 at junction 3 (behind the B & Q store) but that is even further away walking wise but doable (depending on how much beer you have first ). I don't know if any of these are suitable venues for away fans though.
  8. I've just ordered my tickets. Will be taking the wife if my son can't get the time off work. .. and I think we'll be walking to the stadium.
  9. Yep (and I haven't been there since my kids were knee high) ...and it doesn't have the lights either.
  10. Well, I live in Doncaster (but originally from So'ton) and if you're over 21 - go to York. There are a lot of pubs and clubs in Doncaster that attract youngsters from afar on Friday and Saturday nights and if that's your scene then you'll probably enjoy it. There are plenty of (possibly) cheap hotels around as well. There's a Travelodge and a Premier Inn along with others that are within walking distance of The Keepmoat Stadium. I can't remember the last time I had a night out in Doncaster town centre as I am well past 21.
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