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  1. So it wouldn't even be a level playing field to start with, some teams getting paid more than others to participate. Sounds like it would have as much to do with sport as WWE wrestling. #ItsNotFootbalAnymore
  2. Jesus, for the sanity of everyone else who has to read this shit (yes I lnow there's an ignore button) give it a fucking rest.
  3. He must know he was lucky to get away with that. Hopefully will make him hesitate for a split second before committing himself next game, often that's all the time an attacker neds. Or even morehopefully the referees union will decide some karma is needed and be looking for any reason to right a wrong. One thing I would put money on, this won't be this seasons first 0-0 draw.
  4. And then someone not realising why would have asked " Is he injured already then?" MLG gave the perfect answer.
  5. Didn't it take something like 24 appearances for them first time round before he got his first win? You'd think 3-0 up with 20 minutes left it was a pretty safe re-debut 😂
  6. Sounds like it might have been worth £15 to watch it ...... not that I ever even considered it at that price. Great point. Would have taken that at the start, could only dream of it at 0-2.
  7. And presumably anyone that stumps up the cash will share the cost with several mates all turning up to watch, breaking the 6 persons in one place rule. Seeing as ManU & Liverpool were proposing £250m to the EFL and the clubs eventually agreed on nearer £50m, maybe the big 2 would like to give £100m each to BT & Sky in return for them broadcasting these games for free. (They're going to need to do something to regain any modicum of respect from fans of the other 18 clubs). In other news I'm just waiting for Elvis to fly past my house on a pig before going off to buy my Euromil
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