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  1. We have just taken out our usual short term cash flow loan with a new company. Security now includes trade marks, some of which are mysteriously pending in India. The debenture was signed by someone with indistinct earlobes. However he is merely an employee of MSD allsorts. MSD are owned ultimately by a multi-billionaire whose parents were such big Saints fans they named him after our old ground. However, like many kids nowadays he was more interested in computers than sports, but is now having a mid-life crisis and wants to buy a new toy. Therefore we are about to be taken over and in view of our shit record at SMS will play all home games next season somewhere in the USA. It's all pretty ,much definite, but stick to Tizer for now, don't want to be too premature. Hope that helps.
  2. Wonder if they'd be interested in naming rights for the stadium. Struggling to think of what they could call it though ....
  3. Going back a bit further didn't we pull out of signing both Drogba and Coutinho ? Think they'd have turned out ok. Also going back 20 years were the Oliver Bierhoff rumours genuine or just fan speculation that found it's way into the press?
  4. BIB So are we,he's still got years ahead of him and the rest of the world just hasn't come to recognise it yet. 😜
  5. Unless UEFA let us play 2 legged games Away & Away there's really not much point.
  6. Wurzel

    Arsenal build up

    Speaking to a Arsenal ST holder friend this morning - he reckons guaranteed three points for us tomorrow. He also asked what Soares is like as he's yet to see him play for them, I suggested his best position is centre half 🤣
  7. Wurzel

    20/21 Kit

    Now THAT would be my favourite away kit EVER !
  8. Very good in-depth articles, well researched and much better reads that you'll get in any newspaper/website. Saints have one guy in particular - Carl Anka(?) - who follows and writes articles about us. (At least I assume it's one guy, could be a team using one pen name). Not only seems well informed but actually replies to readers in the end of article comments section. It's very much an "own content" website, not an accumulator of stories from other sites. For me the trial price workinbg out at £3 a month is well worth it. Not sure if I'm interested in the non-Saints articles enough to renew at full price after 12 months but I'd definitely recommend giving it a go.
  9. Wurzel

    20/21 Kit

    If it's even close to that it'll be better than any since the last sash. I know stripes are our tradition but not a fan of them myself, plain with a sash creates a much stronger bolder apearance IMO
  10. First 15 Minutes - "Shit what's happened to us?" Remaining 75 Minutes - " This is just too easy" Not looked at any stats but aafter 15 minutes that was as one sided as any PL game ever gets. Attacking wise there were 3 or 4 occasions where we simply had too many options creating momentary indecision and the chance going begging. Obafemi is still very much in the learning stage, good to be in a position to give him a full game. Couldn't help thinking if Long had been in some of the positions he found himself he'd have done things differently but that comes with experience and hopefully SL can pass on some of his knowledge to the youngsters during his extended contract time here. Watched on the "real" noise channel, was surprised the only clear swearing it picked up was the "FFS" after another crap McCarthy clearance (for which Sky issued an apology 🤣 ) . Have they been told to tone it down or are all the non-English swearing in their native language?
  11. Massive support doesn't necessarily bring success. They've always had it, yet not won the FA Cup for 65 years, or the top division for 93 years. There's a hell of a lot of of clubs with smaller followings have done better, even we've won a cup in that time period.
  12. Nice fresh look - and I don't need my glasses 🤣 I guess if you're ever going to lose a month or so of data doing it in a period when the entire football world had shut down was as good a time as any.
  13. Wurzel

    20/21 Kit

    These kits? Not bad at all. Just get rid of the little unnecessary 3rd colour detail at the sleeve/shoulder seam (just find that annoying on the sash shoulder). Clean , simple, smart. Just don't bugger it up with a crap sponsors logo
  14. Is it just me eyes or did they play without a ball in those days?
  15. True in a nostalgic, good old days way, and I'd love to see every club going back to those basics. But the way the PL is run, can you honestly see them going any further than their current "punching above their weight" status working under those constraints?
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