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  1. Only just seen it but couldn't agree more. Ref couldn't have had a clearer view. McArthur was not even close to volleying that dropping ball even if Sako hadn't been there.
  2. Was just about to post similar question. And if he has, where, general seats or directors/club issue section. There's a big difference between him wanting to watch PL football in his time off and attending as a guest of the club
  3. Yes, well confusing when you're at work only half watching.
  4. No, it's a question 😂
  5. That could become an excellent combination, a 50/50 mix of organisation/automatism with entertaining flair. Can't see either of their egos accepting it though
  6. Newcastle are 19th now. They've got 13 games till the transfer window opens. Including all 6 of the "Big 6". They could change the manager straight away but all the money in the world ain't going to improve the playing squad until January at the earliest. They could be the richest team in the Championship next season
  7. Pretty sure that scenario has already happened under the current system, certainly Man Utd were given a penalty (which they scored to win the game) at Brighton AFTER the players and referee were walking off after the full time whistle had been blown. You could argue Chelsea's goal disallowed for Dave's foul on KWP was 2 or 3 phases after the "foul". Difference is in my scenario the ref would have signalled to players and fans that play could continue but he wants that particular incident reviewed, so if the goal does end up ruled out it's not entirely unexpected. I'm sure some goals that are
  8. The more I see of VAR I'm beginning to think they have it the wrong way round. For offsides, fine, use it like they are, it's factual, it's either on or off however close. Probably applies to was it inside outside the area for penalties as well. But anything else, fouls, handballs etc that's what I think they now have the wrong eway round. JWP red card the perfect example. It should be up to the ref to request to see a VAR review on the monitor, not be told to go and see it. And if he feels the need to review it then that should be done BEFORE indicating any decision. JWP case definitely
  9. Do be fair if he was still here I don't think Ralph would have been high profile enough for him to have been brought in in the first place
  10. A question that will get very fdifferent answers depending on age. And "Best 11" meaning line up and "Best 11" meaning best individuals are not nrecessarily the same thing I've gone 4-4 2 based on their time at Saints (and yes, I can't fit MLT in ! ) Niemi Golac Van Dijk Mark Wright Steve Mills Paine Dave Armstrong Keegan Danny Wallace Channon Ron Davies
  11. I'm with you. I'm 59, brought up on Channon , Davies, Paine, relegation, FA Cup win, promotion, Keegan, Shilton, Ball etc. Starting every season thinking we had a chance of winning something (as probably did fans of every club back then). I wish, I really wish, it was still like that.I doubt, if I was a youngster now I'd feel the same attachment. But it isn't. Saints are doing as well as we could reasonably expect (not hope) under the present system. Nobody should be complaining about how we are (or aren't) doing as a club. Complaints should be aimed at the current set-up of footbal
  12. To add to my post above, finishing positions of "comparable" clubs to us. i.e. acheived the "bare minimum" of staying in the Premier League for the last 3 seasons ignoring "big 6" Wolves 7th 7th 13th Everton 8th 12th 10th Leicester 9th 5th 5th West Ham 10th 16th 6th Palace 12th 14th 14th Newcastle 13th 13th 12th Burnley 15th 10th 17th Saints 16th 11th 15th Brighton 17th 15th 16th Leicester won a cup in that time. None of the others have even reached a final ( Watford & Villa were both losing finalists in one of the cups but not stayed/been in top
  13. There are pretty much just two options in football nowadays. Find an owner with more money than sense who will pump money into the club to acheive success. Unfortunately we are now talking oil state mega company/dubious government backed finance to acheive that, there just aren't many of them to go round. If that's what you want, there are clubs out there you can support. The second option is try to live within your means, and through a good transfer policy, a good youth policy and good tactics, hold your own within the company of like minded clubs and hope for the occasional cup glory.
  14. At least there's no chance of RH picking his preferred line up of Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond Redmond
  15. Redmond has already been tried in all 4 attacking positions so far this season. Guessing he'll replace either JWP or Romeu for this one then, unless RH decides to be really whacky and start him as a centre back.
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