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  1. He went to King Edward VI...Nice chap. Shame he ended up a Tory
  2. I’m quite certain you would have played together on the same B-anter team v Saintsforever...
  3. Has Ings touched the ball yet or just chased shadows?
  4. Jesus Christ lol.... just walked in through 4 players... drag back goal. piterally looking at a still capture... it’s 4 v 8 in the area and guess what happened.
  5. http://buffstreamz.com/watch/soccer-stream.php
  6. When I saw the initial kit leak images, I thought the home shirt looked horrendous...really bad but quite enjoyed the away shirt concept. Now that they’re out... really like the home shirt! Think it looks great. The away shirt is gross. The big red sponsor in the kiddle is a horrible colour clash.
  7. Seriously considering not renewing. Had one since 1996. Someone said above....it will be 2 seasons of horrendous football at home whilst all good players have been leaving...hard to justify renewing, especially if we go down.
  8. ​The whole season hasn’t gone to plan...
  9. A similar analogy might be to say that ‘we conceded a goal because the striker gave the ball away in the opponents box and they scored from the ensuing counter attack’. They’ll have been about 10 opportunities in between to prevent it from that point. We’ll get relegated because we’ve been absolute crap over a long season and a clueless d1ck of a manger and a bunch of disinterested players and strikers who can’t score...not because of THAT handball... however depressing it is...you are right though. Selfish and dishonest act etc.
  10. handball or not... we’re 2 up away from home and should have put the game to bed a long long time ago . Pathetic.
  11. 5 years a season ticket holder... that is big time. I love the way the whole thing starts with a paragraph of self justification ...’I’ve been to a few games for a few years... here’s the eveidence...therefore the next thing I’m about to write is REALLY important, justified and you must listen.’ Who cares?
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