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  1. After the first two games, i didn't bother to watch this one. I said we'd get stuffed, and actuality the score wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Somebody on the match thread predicted a 1 - 3 loss and I thought I'd bite your arm off for that. It beats me how so called professional people can't see what is so obviously going wrong, if we continue to ask players to do things that plainly they are not good enough to do, we are going one way, and one way only. The longer we persist with this madness, the longer the likes of Danny Ings have to mull over whether playing elsewhere might actually be a good idea. Give me a couple more games like this and I'll pen the Ralph out thread.
  2. If we continue to defend from our half way line they will murder us, especially if Vest is playing. Sort the fucking defence out and the rest will follow, but if we continue to try to do things that we are not good enough to do, we will continue to get mullered - again.
  3. I think one of the most annoying things over the last two games is that we've had time to get back into the games. But we've just ambled through the games with no urgency whatsoever. I know that Ralph always talks about being patient in games but while you're behind there's always a chance you're going to concede again. None of the players looked to bothered tonight, played the whole game one paced at 2 nil down.
  4. Good to see us knocking it about confidently at the back....
  5. If we play this high on Sunday, Kane and song will have a field day against us.
  6. The really worrying thing is that this is pretty much our best 11, there's nothing on the bench that will make us better.
  7. It's not good viewing mate, I wouldn't bother
  8. I know i shouldn't laugh, but who thought it would be a good idea to defend like we do? What is gained by vacating our half.
  9. Early days for the new panel yet, but there was absolutely zero chemistry between any of the new faces, or Geoff for that matter. Personally I think that if you get rid of 3 of the 5 personalities that make up a successful show, you'd just as well go the whole hog and get rid of the whole lot and devise a whole new format and new show. Today's offering was very tepid at best, I'll probably be one of those viewers switching off.
  10. Andy Carrol is such a thug...
  11. More worrying, please tell me you're not serious about thinking he is serious..!
  12. Lots of the ball but no creativity, didn't get behind them enough. Their keeper had to make 2 good saves to keep us out though, so some positives. At the back though, I thought we looked woeful, luckily palace were happy to let us have the ball and play on the break. Not a great start, but when do we ever start a season strong.
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