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  1. Wishful thinking that we might win 3 in a row. Can only hope that some of ours want to prove a point after the shit show at Elland Road. Still don't think we are at their level yet though.
  2. As of today as little as 28 points will keep you in the Premier league. Looking at the remaining fixtures for West Brom and Fulham it's conceivable that neither will pick up any more points this season. I think we sweated on 33 points for a long time, before getting 'safe'. My god, the bar is really low.
  3. Jesus christ, I actually forgot that the FA Cup final was being played today....! A sign of the times, or the onset of senility for me...? 😲 😧 😲
  4. That's exactly what happened.
  5. VAR having another shocker...
  6. Great servant to the club, good pro. Nice statement from him as well, I wish him all the best. Could end up at Arsenal.
  7. Decent performance right across the pitch tonight. We still look dodgy at the back at times but we got the run of the ball tonight. Fraser will get plaudits for the pen save, but I was actually more impressed with some of the more unathadox saves that he made with his feet, and punching the ball away. I've never been a fan and always thought he looked clumsy, but he showed good agility and reflexes tonight. It's a no from me on Minamino I'm afraid, he gets into good positions but is far too lightweight and is easily dispossessed. Other than that thought they all played well and
  8. Not half as shit as us. We are very funny at the back...
  9. Personally I would just keep the goal line technology and get rid of VAR altogether. At the end of the day it's still just human opinion and interpretation. Just let the on field officials ref it like in the good old days.
  10. Game over before half time....
  11. Awful defending... far too easy
  12. Exactly, and if we can't get ourselves up to go and beat a mediocre Palace side to assure our own safety we deserve all that comes our way. I, for one, will be cheering on Fulham tonight.
  13. Micky

    Our form

    And I somewhat agree with what you say as well. But I am not going to afford Ralph the luxury of looking at where we finish over the course of the season. That said, I think the club will and that's why he sits in a fairly safe seat. We may get a few more points and comfortably avoid the drop, but only because what is below us is so bad. So overall another poor mid to lower league season if you look at it as a whole. However, when you look at the start we made there is no way we should've collapsed so spectacularly. Again I accept, like other teams we have had injuries and bad ca
  14. Micky

    Our form

    It's been shambolic, I cannot wait for this season to end. We can point to injuries, but all teams have to contend with those, we can also point to some pretty crap VAR calls, but again all teams get those as well. So ultimately, if we are all honest, we are where we are because we are not very good and this is where we deserve to be - simples. Contrary to what Semmens said this week I don't think Ings will stay either, let's face it if he was that committed he would've signed by now. We may get lucky in that other teams look at his injury record and shy away, but personally I think he'll
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