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  1. Yep, never mind the ethics, don't give a shyte how this club is now being funded, all take a bite of the shit sandwich. Quite Sickening where football will go these days. Oh they'll take the knee in a mo as well....!
  2. They probably wish they were still on the M6 after the beating they got today. OGS must be close to the end now.
  3. Let's not fret too much about it and focus on getting to the magical 29 points asap.
  4. I am yet another Southampton exile who holds no interest in going back. Left at 16, joined the Army and travelled abroad for much of my service. In fact my only UK mainland posting was in Turkish country - (Penny Pot Lane mate, which probably gives my Corp away). But I can vouch for the fact that it is a stunning part of the country, with some beautiful areas. After I left the Army I returned briefly to Southampton but soon decided to move on again - currently I'm settled in Shropshire in the West Midlands, again a stunning part of the country. There's a whole lot more to the country than
  5. I'm not sure if this is a wind up, but if it 'ain't, you are very slightly off......! https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/126561-vestergaard-signs/page/37/?tab=comments#comment-6161780
  6. Unfortunately we are slow, ponderous and devoid of creativity in the final third so they are feeding on scraps. They are a championship strike force trying to step up a level, we desperately miss the guile, craft, finishing and workrate of Danny Ings. Hopefully when Stuart Armstrong is back, we create more and they gain a little bit of confidence in front of goal.
  7. Not too fussed with the score, pretty much what was expected. The game was more about performance, and in general we got that. Losing JWP for the next three is a big loss though, stand by for lots of floaty ineffective corners. Armstrong and Adams need to start firing and finding the back of the net soon.
  8. Please tell me this is a typo....!
  9. Yeah, you may well believe all of your psychological theory, but I think that goal line technology is widely accepted as factual evidence that a goal has been scored. Don't know if the ref actually has to prove this to any opposition players, but would be interesting to know.
  10. It really didn't, it ruled out two of their 'goals'. Get rid of the rose tints, we were beaten again fairly and squarely.
  11. Technology will prove it did.
  12. Need to dig in and show some character now, stay in the game.
  13. Yeah - I didn't answer any of your questions because evidently you just want an argument. Have a nice day.
  14. Whoa sorry for any offence caused, perhaps you should go back, read trousers post that I replied to, get some context, and then come back. Get yourself a chill pill, forums are about opinions, they will differ, we don't all have our rose tints on.
  15. Not good that 'the plan' revolves around a single player, and there is no plan B - bad tactics from the manager. I agree with everything you say, but I think it puts an awful lot of pressure on the player, fans thinking that as soon as he gets back in the side all our woes are over. Stewart Armstrong is a good player, one of our best players, but not sure he will turn our to be the messiah and turn our season around single-handedly.
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