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  1. Oh well. At least he has Stephens in front of him.
  2. Missing 3 of our best players makes us a lower middle half performing team ergo a draw and that performance shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone and makes the criticism and moaning pointless.
  3. Unlikely to win? At home to a team below us and struggling for form. Ok then.
  4. Remember Lee mostly from Zorba's. The late night drunken cr@p he had to put up with there was always entertaining.
  5. And Spurs look so much better with him in theirs.
  6. By regularly appearing in training photos and being discussed by Ralph. Yeah right. Airbrushed out of existence.
  7. Judging by how many people are unable to sleep at night due to the uncertainty surrounding the young chap I suggest the Club take action to address this. Really quickly. Like now. Hurry up.
  8. Ralph should just check-in here for all his solutions. WTF does he know.
  9. Can’t make my mind up if that bench is exciting as the future or worryingly thin should the 5 sub approach ever come in.
  10. Brandon Williams would have been handy. Even Hank Williams.
  11. What is the basis for thinking LeG is in any way ITK?
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