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  1. A bit of chess going on here.
  2. Both he and Bertie got caught out several times. But then again we are talking about Man City so I'll cut them some slack on that.
  3. They’ll get the sound sorted for MOTD2
  4. Remind me, what’s the score with Djenepo? He’s in isolation, right? Is he likely to be available before the end of the season?
  5. Yep, signed according to The DE.
  6. What's the team line-up do we think?
  7. Greenridge


    And how many of our signings in the last few years have actually been ‘upgrades’ on the departed player? Maybe that cycle will change but it seems unlikely in the current circumstances.
  8. You clearly didn’t listen to a word he said then.
  9. Amen. I don’t know why Bojo just didn’t go to Twitter, Facebook and Saintsweb for his research and answers. Would have saved him a lot of grief.
  10. Exactly! Plumber Ryan Price is pretty famous on Twitter today. We need more Ryan's.
  11. This table is part of a Sky article. I know our home form is bad but when you see a graphic of it it makes you realise just how bad it is!
  12. It’s quite incredible that 3+ months down the line that some people are still struggling with the most basic elements of the virus and need it explaining for the thousandth time.
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