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  1. If that's the case he will have been the first manager in the history of football not to want options. That's the SFC PR machine working at full whack there.
  2. If he's 6'2" then everyone else in those video clips must be >6'8. Wiki says he's 1.85m / <6'1". He doesn't look either of those heights.
  3. The new forum software is also supplied by the Co that developed the Black Box system.
  4. PEH is this years sponsor. Just need a logo.
  5. Greenridge

    Site issues

    This is Carillo level. Maybe lower.
  6. Greenridge

    Site issues

    I think it's fair to say it's currently, err, rubbish.
  7. Despite what many will think Ralph had him as his captain and therefore the very first name on the team sheet.
  8. I take it that is actually you.
  9. Shane Long. Always guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Not in a good footballing type of way but a smile nonetheless.
  10. No ones disputing his effort. He’s in the team for his attacking prowess not his defending.
  11. Greenridge


    It's a pretty simple digital scenario. In is great. Miss is effin &£$*. It's 24'x8'. A professional should be hitting it from 12 yards.
  12. He was worse against Citeh when we had 10 superb performance. And Redmond. He is completely anonymous for much of many games. End product is, well, meh. He's so frustrating as he's got it in his locker. Someone needs to give him the combination.
  13. Can this week get any better?
  14. A bit of chess going on here.
  15. Both he and Bertie got caught out several times. But then again we are talking about Man City so I'll cut them some slack on that.
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