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  1. sort of hoping the chuckle brothers are on a short contract!
  2. 😱omg would it be possible for you chaps to loan us the scoreboard you were using against manure and hoof?
  3. both sides not up to much,, still that's div 1 and on a brighter note can you remember what its like to actually win????
  4. old news,,,they were just practicing mouth to mouth and chest compression ( that's why the ambulance was rocking) onist guv
  5. manure must be feeling the same today,
  6. made hard work of that last night, but another 3 points keeps us in the hunt.
  7. and six fingers crossed you get feckin relegated.
  8. still not all doom and gloom this weekend, the blue few managed to scrape together another 3 points.👍
  9. Off un running can't ask for more than that,👍
  10. Don't knock it less you've tried it!
  11. its in keeping with the squad pretending to be a football team then innit!
  12. roomer has it the bottom line is after Arry bags and supposedly dodgy owners slice of pie, plus the chance to rent on the never never, we may not of had a pot to piss in. Hope this helps,
  13. Wot about that then you feckin scummers, the powers that be at Fratton are going to drag our home into the 21st century by spending millions turning a 20,000 stadium into a 20,000 stadium,,,appy days,😎
  14. the chuckle brothers are staying lets hope the only player out of that fuckin pathetic bunch to walk out of the tunnel next season is the goalie.
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