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  1. Don't knock it less you've tried it!
  2. its in keeping with the squad pretending to be a football team then innit!
  3. roomer has it the bottom line is after Arry bags and supposedly dodgy owners slice of pie, plus the chance to rent on the never never, we may not of had a pot to piss in. Hope this helps,
  4. Wot about that then you feckin scummers, the powers that be at Fratton are going to drag our home into the 21st century by spending millions turning a 20,000 stadium into a 20,000 stadium,,,appy days,😎
  5. the chuckle brothers are staying lets hope the only player out of that fuckin pathetic bunch to walk out of the tunnel next season is the goalie.
  6. Mack has a foot in mouth moment.
  7. if its mushrooms or white Russian from the Dam,,,can I have some? going on our track record in playoff games I'm gonna need them.
  8. He normally misses sitters like that! still you fekers will be relieved to know we are still in the hunt
  9. 3 points we badly needed to stay near the playoffs, no fun in relegating another team though unless of course it was f**kin you!!!!😎
  10. don't fret they are gonna slip him under the sod in under a week.
  11. been quite a few dingy holidays to dover as well, wait for the legal challenge, this can could be kicked further down the road than Brexit.
  12. 75% of the game 12 corners and you don't win then you did not deserve it, their second goal was a cracker🀒
  13. mack rill


    egg you sound like a pony who's never had one.πŸ‘
  14. mack rill


    0r it could tell you they run out of vaccine and you got a placebo just to keep the numbers up 😎
  15. With the chuckle brothers in charge we could yet make yet another f*ck**g playoffs,, remind me again my pony fiddling friends how many have we won?
  16. LOL and there's me thinking you pony boys were up to messing with an horse.
  17. and its been killing us for the last 6 years,
  18. Not such a bad day after all, Jacket out two years to late, and a good game at your gaff, odds on the next Donkey to step up to the breach,
  19. Sat-Dee a bad day, Cricket embarrassing, Pompey numbing, and the icing on the cake you bastards winning 2_0
  20. If only us brexiters had lost, we could of had 4% to,😎
  21. If this impression is to be believed then the Tart in the blue jeans is walking along some c**ts back garden,😎
  22. All going to plan as far as the Yanks are concerned, not one of our players could hold their own in the championship, Disney would choke on the money that would be needed.
  23. Just when you think "that's another season gone tits up" Cruel innit!😎
  24. mack rill


    you not want your cake an eat it then mosh?πŸ•πŸŒ­πŸ₯ͺπŸŽ‚
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