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  1. LOL and there's me thinking you pony boys were up to messing with an horse.
  2. and its been killing us for the last 6 years,
  3. Not such a bad day after all, Jacket out two years to late, and a good game at your gaff, odds on the next Donkey to step up to the breach,
  4. Sat-Dee a bad day, Cricket embarrassing, Pompey numbing, and the icing on the cake you bastards winning 2_0
  5. If only us brexiters had lost, we could of had 4% to,😎
  6. If this impression is to be believed then the Tart in the blue jeans is walking along some c**ts back garden,😎
  7. All going to plan as far as the Yanks are concerned, not one of our players could hold their own in the championship, Disney would choke on the money that would be needed.
  8. Just when you think "that's another season gone tits up" Cruel innit!😎
  9. mack rill


    you not want your cake an eat it then mosh?πŸ•πŸŒ­πŸ₯ͺπŸŽ‚
  10. not a penny, never bet on Saints or Pompey, the bet always goes Tits up. Good win at Wolves, and your reward a trip to the seaside foreshore.
  11. mack rill


    Got the phone call last Sunday in QA Monday morning the Pfizer Jab, no side affects yet, starting to wonder if she forgot to load the shot!🀒
  12. Rite what's the odds on your rabble being up for a bit of trophy dodging tonight? feel a song coming on(so near yet so far away)
  13. about time we stopped being charitable at home, that 2-0 keeps us in the hunt, good to see your back on your 30 game top 6 form streak starting at the toon,😎
  14. Wot!! you fink Dean is a Skate?😎
  15. we needed that, your lot in another high scoring game😎
  16. it was a red card two footed, just like the villa game offside,
  17. covid brake over normal service has resumed.😎
  18. That's if we ever get to play again! Might of been the Alamo, But you feckers deserved the win the other night
  19. At least by voting out we managed to get shot of the biggest slime ball ever to run this country😎
  20. looks like the next time we get to play we could be half way down the league,
  21. I see the cheating skate feckers might be number one at crimbo
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