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  1. WTF have u done to this website? cant post????
  2. i see both our teams are trying there hardest to make next season a derby year,
  3. skid row game tonight,:lol:you ponyboys lose this and you'll be deep in the poo when the hubcap steelers have finished ripping you another ring:scared:
  4. Trolleys,,, you gave us this s**t when we clawed our way out of league 2.
  5. save your confederate money,,,the south will RISE AGAIN,
  6. if she has, then I owe the brave sod some money.
  7. yes, but! unlike my old ladies fanny, the gap is getting smaller.
  8. haven't had a lot to crow about lately. Things are looking up on the main board tho if the season carrys on in the same vain for any length of time, can see the SO postcode running short of incontinent pads,
  9. you wouldn't of thought so after reading this little noval,
  10. oh come on, it's now the 30th, that's 3 days without a giggle from the din's down the road, shyt I mean next door.
  11. and that tw*t scum Billy wants this thread closed, even i'm getting a giggle out of it.
  12. your right Nick, childish of me not to not to man up and say well done for avoiding the drop. ffs after all the gloating just knew you would wriggle out of it:cry: scum Billy, you pony fiddling f**k, this thread is all that some of us have to look forward to at the mo,
  13. would that be the scribble on the players weight's fag packet Nick?
  14. Nick my boy, no i'm not bitter, to many years of watching lower league dross are starting to take there toll, (Nick Kershaw hit comes to mind). After watching that cup game you were not unlucky, more like ripped off, not saying the end result would have been different, against 12 men is a struggle. but don't fret nick i'm not going all gooey, the skate in me was still gloating,
  15. not as good as your cup Dodging feats,
  16. straws for sale, any colour you like there all blue,
  17. still hanging on in there, my pony fiddling friends,
  18. Had to work so its a throw abuse at the TV day today,
  19. f****n to true, but expect wigwam to tear us another arsehole,
  20. lets hope Tesco make an offer to Elmer John F chicken s**t for the clown house next door, you don't even need vaseline when you come to fratton.
  21. Two many digits. pony fiddling fool,,,,yeeessss popcorn time,
  22. that's unusual, we normally loose in injury time.
  23. ffs!!you think at last time to get on hear for a bit of gloating. and what happens, I jumps the gun, you feckin win, and to top it all off we are all but f****d by Donny friggin rovers:blush:
  24. Nick my boy, failing to win against the shyt hawks makes it a 6 pointer with the baggies, can see slop's running out of rope.
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