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  1. gonna need e'm now we have are noses in front:smug:
  2. can we leave the bell ringer out of the thread,
  3. Hmmm tuned into the same wavelength polishing each others heads, or back on the job's for mate's:rolleyes:
  4. rally if we were in the dockyard league we would still be your f*****n rivals, and the amount of times you post on this thread shows that, Stop! talking drivel, keep taking the p***
  5. Toe the line mate, We all sing from the same hymn book on hear,theirs Enuff fables coming out of the septic island as it is,
  6. THIS,,, ops )-0-2 at st fairys at the mo
  7. Not picky!!!!!!! Them with the help of that dirty ba****d Hand-c**k have managed to veto any plans to upgrade the milton end, for the last 30 years:x
  8. and we are looking through the round window today, Boys n Girls,
  9. Kin-ell just shows what a lick of paint can do:rolleyes:
  10. Mack ain't that f**kin silly, They seem to make enuff to keep the liying c***'s on the top table full of booze, N as for the 'championship' standard floodlights, yer rite better lights in the tinfoil spare room cultivating Appy Bacy,
  11. Clapham, if you manage to get on there yer pony fiddling c**t pass the secret on, i can't and i live round the corner:smug:
  12. Hatch, thats shyt n you know it, for starters chimp on line hasn't got that many members,
  13. Wot f**kin training ground?,,,,,You must be on about the Roko everglades,
  14. FFS! getting to painful coming on hear:scared:
  15. thay have been banging on about this since the land fill closed,,,snooozze forgot they need a front page, ernuver archive pipe dream,
  16. Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn:smug:
  17. Been misplaced thats all nothing sinister in that, as soon as we fined the the rite filing carpet all will be revealed onest,,,
  18. move along, move along, nuffink to sea, gloating has now been serspendid for the next hour:D
  19. That'll make a change, Cabbages were on it satdee,
  20. It might show a modest profit if there telling Peter stores, or sum uver c**t as fawked out for the Bar Tab,
  21. that'll be next week then you c**t!!!
  22. Gone fishin,,,,,,,,,kin-ell! look at the bites you've had already,
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