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  1. I wonder if they will spend the money wisely, like improving the academy facilities, or removing the fat from the pipes...? pay's off the bar tab,
  2. You don't have to worry my pony fiddling friends, The phantom tippler has already said(i have faith in cook, he is the right man for the job) Which roughly translated means,(that,s about the 5th time we as an amateur havent got a clue board have royally *****,d up,) The difference this time is we can't afford to get shot of the ussless scouse c**t, Still on the plus side at least we know where we will finish this time next year,,,,,Div 4
  3. but!! we are not as huge as you, Your no1 in that league,
  4. i see there is one league you feckers are top of, who ate all the pies, you fat B*@st**ds,
  5. Not sure but think it was summert to do with lifetimelone,
  6. not only that they banned me from chimp on line for being onist,
  7. You tell me of another league in the world that every team bar one gets to have two cup final days,
  8. won't be needing them shades on yet Nicky boy when admiring your gong room,
  9. Don't worry girls, we:scared:er, gonna be there at the end,
  10. we owe the sign painter a few shillings, so till we put out, it remains Portsmuff n souffsae,
  11. agreed, the way we turned a large debt into a 0
  12. Trolley! you deluded tw*t, no need to post drivel on this thread,When it comes to that dirty word "owed" Naaarrr can't be us our new club is onist as the day is long, "f**k it's winter init!
  13. rally,s as long as she knows how to f**k she,s gonna be all rite,
  14. merry crimbo pony fiddling feckers, may your next s**t be a hedghog,
  15. wot with our new all singing all dancing pitch,,,,,Washed out!
  16. Hmmm can i buck the trend?, I don't want to be part of this(happy clappy) we got fookall really fan owned football club, I would like some sleazy eastern block billionair, or a dozen sheiks from arabee, to come n spend oodles of cash on mercenary prem players, then in a few seasons we could get back to kicking you pony boys aurses. Well thats my crimble note for santa,
  17. after seeing both sides play this season, that would be the score after 15 min,
  18. What an eye opener when you see just how many players have played for both clubs,
  19. would we f**k! you been listening to them ****s on POL to long, football in div4 is shyt We are being run by amateurs, and couched by worse, The sooner some rich idiot comes along the better, We are not fussy he can be as straight as a nine bob note, as long as he's loaded
  20. football wise,it's f****n sh*t you really don't want to be there,
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