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  1. Nicky boy, av a word with the silly pony fiddling ****, we all know it was the singing f***in nun, same actress, J Andrews, and whatever move she is in she's know as Mary f***in Poppins,
  2. that's no big deal mush! it's only a walk over the hill Mary f****n Poppins dunit with a clutch of kid's,
  3. Well he's got away with that one then,GRHS pray tell whot has a rank in zee German army have to do with it?
  4. word on the wire down are end of the ally saying Katrina being investigated by zee German police for tax evasion:blush: Surly not, that sort of thing only appens down our end A guv,
  5. Or the new boy on the block ain't as stupid as the bunch of ****heads that are on there way out, Cook'still got a year on the Tab, so dangle him wait for wigwam to take the bate, and they will owe us at least a Macky Deeee as well, Win Win,
  6. This!! But it's feckin good news, The useless know it all p**sed up scouse c**t, with the backing he's had from the idiots on the top table should of been promoted last season, make a change from watching a team pass it along the centre line for 80 min's of a game,
  7. Me neither, that can't be the way to run a footy club,
  8. Fat Lady is still gargling, me old pony boy,
  9. Don't panic anywhere other than fratton will be in the flight path of Brent Geese,
  10. If and that's a big IF, the Yank want's to Bung his Cash at the wall called Fratton Park, it will be up to the 12 Presidents, (the ****heads on the top table) not the f****n idiots acting like the grate unwashed, throwing leaflets around. to agree to the sellout, word as it 2 are not ready to saddle up n ride into the sunset, Put the popcorn away it looks dead in the water,
  11. We ain't f**kin there yet! Your forgetting it's the Scouse c**t who's masterminding this little sortie, un if you had a butchers at the guzz game, you would of seen why,
  12. Don't fret my pony fiddling friends, All is not lost, there's still time for the scouse c**t at the helm to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, Nar Nicky boy they don't get it, n iv'e still got all my teeth, n havent worn my knuckles out yet,
  13. cruwwwwwwzzzzziiinnn:smug: best of luck tomorrow pony fiddling feckers,
  14. the silly bas**ds got hacked a month ago and lost all there details, you have to register again to get back on there,:lol:
  15. well that's a big step up from the sh*t we have at the mo,our keepers fumble the ball when picking it out of the back of the net,
  16. Faw-sure it is, providing the phantom tippler hasn't p***d up the ticket wad, a cuttle of big time Charlies are bound to frow there Hats in,
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