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  1. Two many digits. pony fiddling fool,,,,yeeessss popcorn time,
  2. that's unusual, we normally loose in injury time.
  3. ffs!!you think at last time to get on hear for a bit of gloating. and what happens, I jumps the gun, you feckin win, and to top it all off we are all but f****d by Donny friggin rovers:blush:
  4. Nick my boy, failing to win against the shyt hawks makes it a 6 pointer with the baggies, can see slop's running out of rope.
  5. what happened to the old"keeping my powder dry for the mo" malarky:uhoh:
  6. Rally! nawty boy, i nearly forked out for another years subscription to make sure i was in for some of this action,
  7. Nick my boy, what's the word on the little buzz that your china bosses are avin a word with Arry brown bags tomorrow ? triffic,
  8. Nick me old mate, still about just keeping low. i see it's panto time on the main board, look's like they could rename it after a place in western Jerusalem,
  9. f****n real init,,we win n no c**t bovers posting, we loose n you have to queue to get on hear, av a appy new year my fellow football fans,
  10. Merry crimbo, pony fiddling feckers, rite after sat-dee disappointment,(expected) today it's popcorn at the ready,,, and we could have a change of move after the match, to (Night of the Long Knives,) GM is gonna be chomping at the bit, sticking his ore in with the bring back my hero, s**t:D
  11. 3 points off Guzz,,, back in der grove,
  12. i see a popcorn game coming up on sky, make mine toffee please,
  13. Not a good day all round my pony fiddling friends,
  14. swings n roundabouts, my pony fiddling friends,
  15. Mero,,,, you t**t iv'e not got that long to live,
  16. What you mean i'm very soothing:smug:
  17. Nicky boy you gotta av a loan to default it, as for the stars n stripes takeover,All gone quite, it's looking like Alma John F chickin s**t is another tyre kicker,
  18. Don't worry Nicky boy,we will take out a lone,
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