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  1. Wisest words yet. Perhaps we should stop fussing and leave it in good hands. If it can be done, they will do it. Let him enjoy the football!
  2. What's happened to the three who left in the summer: Ings, Bertrand and Vest. Are they better off?
  3. At last he is getting some respect from our own fans. He's been rubbished on this Forum for ages.
  4. Yes, he will. After all, it was his plan.
  5. Too much praise seems to be even more damaging than too much criticism....Remember the fuss about Skacel and that guy who scored three when we got six against Wolves away, we gave him a big contract and he never did anything, I can't erven remember his name now..
  6. Did his pants fall down or something, that's embarrassing
  7. Dellman


    He's not the player he was for sure but I hope he stays a Saint for years to come, mentor, coach or Academy support. He's one of our own. of him!
  8. Amazing! Fans on this Forum actually like a Saints player.
  9. Agreed, glad he is appreciated by some on here. Funny thing is, he is worth about half what the new owners paid for everything, stadium, land and all the players. Strange deal, well done Semmens and co.
  10. I hope Walcott stays at St Mary's for years to come, player, mentor, coach. he's one of our own
  11. Not many until late 50s. We only went to away Cup games, the League matches were minor affairs, it was the Cup that excited fans. There weren't many cars in the 40s. We went by train.
  12. Shane gets a lot of stick on here but he makes things happen in a way AA and Broja don't. He was the match winner tonight, give him credit
  13. Notts County...must have been late forties because Tommy Lawton had left Chelsea and signed for them. We were losing then winning then losing, it was 4-3 to us when they got a late penalty, Tommy Lawton took it and Hugh Kelly tipped it over the bar. I was 14 and never forgotten it, 71 or 72 years ago, I think
  14. Is it luck? perhaps the Board, Semmens and co. have had a part in it.
  15. We don't need to hear a load of promises like politicians make. WE do need to see results for ourselves, without trumpets blown, and I think we will.
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