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  1. A run of good results is 'freak' A run of losses is a **** team and a weak squad I thought you were one of the more sensible ones
  2. A philosophical question.... If an ITK says we're trying to sign a certain player and then the transfer falls through, is he or is he not an ITK?
  3. It’s amazing that whenever a transfer takes a long time or falls through it’s always saints fault. Always. Players choices, difficult agents, selling clubs playing games or holding out. None of that for us. No sir. Just saints fault.
  4. He has...... Bloody spell check
  5. Be as a brilliant sports science team around him keeping him fit and making him stronger all the time. Time to give some credit where it’s due I know he would
  6. Yep, you beat me to it. FA Cup Semi and I was 14, a football and saints nut, and absolutely gutted
  7. If he was here he’d be injured and we got a great deal (Sorry, if that’s a bit near the truth)
  8. You've only got to look at Redmond to know it's all about confidence. We've never seen a confident Mo. If scoring goals against crap Scottish defences makes him feel good about himself then it's got help (It's not as though he can rely on the fanbase to lift him, can he - He has deliver before anyone will suggest he's anything other than crap)
  9. Scored twice. Good lad. Get some confidence and come back and do the same here, or at least create some demand from other clubs to get yourself off the wage bill
  10. Don't forget that any scheme proposed in the 1970s would still have had a large percentage of standers in the capacity so it would be far smaller than the equivalent stadium now.
  11. People in sport shouldn't use their 'fame' and following as sports people to comment on political issues and foreign regimes. The results of doing this are bloody obvious. They sure as hell aren't going to give you money to do so and (god forbid) they might even express their disapproval in your actions. IF you publicly disagree with your employer over a national or social media platform you'll find yourself sacked - simple. I'm your typical white average straight non-religious guy (and I think the chinese are wrong in this instance, and the nazis were bad and Trump is a nutter and etc etc) but it always amazes me how unwilling people are to consider any other view other than their own to have any merit or even basis for consideration.
  12. Winchester Red

    Ross Wilson

    If you're Scottish and want to go back to Scotland then Rangers is actually one of the 2 best jobs for a DoF you can get. I'd be far happier being mindlessly slagged off by fans living somewhere I wanted to be that somewhere I didn't.
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