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  1. Why would that be then? Actually why would anyone be replacing Armstrong?
  2. He was absolutely superb today, an obvious Man of the Match had Alan Smith been watching the game properly
  3. Yeah well the same sources indicated Bertrand was about to sign a new deal and that was 2 months ago.
  4. So we signed a crock then which, as he’s highly rated, explains why we got him as opposed to some more illustrious teams. Hope expectation isn’t too high for the lad.
  5. A release clause of £80 million should discourage anyone 🤣
  6. I'm surprised to read that. There was a problem with the card they were paying me back on but the ticket office phoned me, i gave them alternative bank details and the money for both Spurs and WBA was in my account by the end of the day.
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