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  1. Agree with all this, to me it just makes it even more puzzling that he hasn’t bitten the clubs hand off over a four year contract with the money on offer that he’s happy with. I suppose if he could get a shot at Champions League football then fair enough but he must know that if he goes to one of those clubs not only is he not playing every week but he’s not getting a four year security blanket either.
  2. Spurs won’t be seeing Champions League football anytime soon. Without Kane and with Nuno at the helm they will slip comfortably into that 6-9th band.
  3. So the former Chelsea defender will be mentored by Ollie Lancashire then? That must have swing his choice of clubs our way !!
  4. Totally incredible 🤷‍♂️
  5. Add to which they have a manager who was about 8th choice - nobody else seemingly wanted to go there - who was dispensed with by Wolves and you have a club a million miles from the Sprurs of three years ago under Poch with everyone firing.
  6. We are like a corner shop going to the same market as Harrods and Fortnum & Mason, we try and scrape together loose change to raise a bit extra to be able to afford a Blackburn player or Man Utd player on loan. Depressing.
  7. Keep your money for that suit in your wallet then 🤣
  8. Going to have to provide proof that you are fully vaccinated come the end of September as per BBC News - And from the end of September, the government plans to make full vaccination a condition of entry to large venues which have crowds
  9. Could be a massive difference what league we are playing in as well. A replacement would be cheaper in the Championship, I’ll give you that.
  10. They are and its ridiculous considering another club is giving that player valuable game time and experience which obviously benefits that club hugely when they return from their loan spell.
  11. which is what we keep coming around to in my opinion. He is worth far more to the club if he stays another season then leaves on a free than if he goes now for £20 million. I dont understnad why people cant see that. Ok the club is probably too arrogant to view it in those terms but on Planet Real World we are fucked without him becuase we know he will not be replaced with someone of the same quality. Now if someone was coming in who was proven then yeah, fine, bye then Danny but again whats the chances of that with a club that hasnt got a pot to piss in ?
  12. In other words there aren’t many players coming in this transfer window. I can’t say the interview has filled me with confidence although if Ings does go Ralph is gonna have egg all over his face with his “we don’t need to sell” line
  13. If that offer really was £8 million for someone who scored that many goals in The Championship last season given what Ollie Watkins went for last summer then thats scandalous. If that had been Spurs offering us a sum like that then people would have been mounting their high horses quicker than the spread of Covid.
  14. If that was the case he would have signed the four year deal Saints offered him. Nobody else is giving a 29 year old injury prone player a contract that long.
  15. I don’t get this back up striker business. If you had been injured as much as Ings and gone so long without playing like he did at Liverpool wouldn’t you want to be somewhere where you are playing as much as possible? You are a long time retired, make the most of every chance you get to play.
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