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  1. They completely destroyed my belief that we could win this with that shit show Monday night. All i can see now is Redmond moaning at everyone, the centre backs looking at each other as if to say "you should have picked him up" and that little turd Vardy scoring at least twice.....
  2. JWP is only half the player he was without Romeu next to him.
  3. That’s what they did this season isn’t it?
  4. If you don’t expect too much from him you can only end up pleasantly surprised. Having said that I expected him to slot that ball away for the 4th on Sunday so ended up disappointed 🤣 Theo got a fair bit of criticism on here but for me Adams miss was bloody woeful
  5. No thanks, Jack’s best left on the bench or in the stands.
  6. Yeah I agree, its a weird one with Theo, he still plays like a 17 year old sometimes when it comes to decision making but that was a great little ball to Redmond for the winner and we do look better with him but I dont know why 🤣
  7. I think for anyone still remotely concerned Villa have just kept us up 🤣
  8. Yeah he actually realised running at people and having a shot when one was on, not an impossible worldly, was the way to go and he looked dangerous
  9. Any ideas as to what the few things they worked on during training were?
  10. For a poster who 99/100 talks sense this is disappointing and a little ignorant. If you seriously think countries are locking down for a third time and are therefore having their economies fucked over for nothing maybe you need to do a little more research.
  11. If it’s one semi final it won’t be ours given Chelsea are a London club and travel would be minimised for 50% of the permitted attendance.
  12. Why are you totally unable to except anyones view without a detailed analysis from them of why they think what they do ? If you really cant see that 6.30 on a Sunday evening for a semi final is awful (like a little hidden away secret) then fine but seriously ? Its like BT have said "umm, we have to show this one.....well we dont want it at peak time for football.....i know, put it on Sunday night and just get it out the way, its not like many will be watching" Which is the crux, not many people have BT Sport (not in comparison with Sky or at the prices they charge certainly) yet the
  13. They must think we are fkin stupid if they expect anyone to fall for that crap. Oh wait........
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