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  1. Can we now finally accept that Jack Stephens is and should never be more than cover? He can come in for a few games and do well, really well sometimes but there will always be that game where he reverts to type just around the corner. That basic error, lack of concentration , lack of nouse is never far away.
  2. They are 3-1 down, what the fuck do you expect?
  3. Couldn’t he have taken Valery off and put Diallo there instead of left back?
  4. If the Bertrand contract signing delay is that he wants 3 yrs and the club only want to give him 2 then his position is being strengthened tonight !
  5. It could backfire BUT if the club know they will only get 20 million for him this summer (no bidding war, just one club interested) do they take the gamble that his goals will earn them that with a much higher league placing next season? Its a gamble but when you keep hearing the line about him being here until his contract ends you would like to think it’s something they have given thought to.
  6. Sky’s coverage of his sacking last night was ridiculous. Of all the experts/talking heads they’ve got who do they turn to ? Yep cousin Jamie and Uncle ‘arry for a nice balanced view of the decision. The highlight of which was `arry saying “I listened to Paul Merson earlier who as usual was talking sense” 🙄
  7. Good old Charlie, whether true or not I bet VVD is delighted that’s come out. Mind you if it pisses off United fans then that’s a bonus. 😂
  8. Chelsea only pull the trigger when they have a replacement lined up. It will be Tuchel. Be interesting to see what happens with Lampard, that’s two English “bright young managers” out of work now with him and Mr Howe formerly of Boscombe.
  9. You have forgotten Shane Long 😬🤣
  10. Oh come on, they’ve only been against Arsenal, Liverp...... yeah fair enough 🤣
  11. Should have beaten them in the league match. Not frightened of playing them that’s for sure.
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