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  1. In so much as his father in law was chairman and he lasted a year before getting sacked.
  2. Yes it kind of pisses all over that new direction line.
  3. Oh dear 😱 they’ve gone down the Gray/Wigley route.
  4. Celtic or Rangers would be ideal
  5. Oh really. I thought he said earlier in the week he was on two weeks holiday when tweeting about PEH but his twitter says "former reporter..." Pity
  6. Exactly right. Countries like Australia aren't suddenly closing down cities (Melbourne) for a second time because this is part of a World leaders conspiracy theory to get everybody micro-chipped or whatever it is he believes.
  7. Yep this guy fits the Saints player profile. Maximize his potential then sell him on in three/four years for a big profit......and if it doesn't work out whats £10 million these days in football?
  8. beatlesaint


    Vestergaard and Reed with hopefully about 75 pence for Hoedt
  9. beatlesaint


    From a Spurs fans Twitter page - Højbjerg's ball recovery ability and leadership marked him out as the perfect target for Jose Mourinho's plans. uh-huh
  10. beatlesaint


    well done Saints for not caving in to Levy
  11. This is painful now. Cant you take the site down until the problems have been sorted? At least with one of those Under Maintenance signs everyone knows where they stand. Clicking on a link and just waiting is bloody frustrating
  12. I am because there has been an issue with some artificial turf he had put down in his garden 😉
  13. We'll see but hes also stated the City interest was definite
  14. beatlesaint


    A Spurs supporting mate of mine told me "he's bound to be better than we've got otherwise we wouldnt sign him" I'm leaving him to find out how true that may or may not be.
  15. Yes looking at his older posts he reckoned the deal was signed and sealed for PEH at £20 million about three weeks ago which palpably isn’t accurate.
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