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  1. Bournemouth are a prime example of smaller club getting an infusion of money and not knowing what to do with it. They have bought poorly and they have destroyed the siege mentality and "all in this together" mindset that they had built up over the years. Shame really.
  2. And England ! Problem is they have spent money on absolute dross. Solanke, Lurmer and Billing to name but three. Bet Eddie is sorry he treated Defoe like shit and forced him out.
  3. They will be gone by then. But I hope we are the ones to seal the deal.
  4. In an ideal world Bournemouth, Brighton and West Ham but given Norwich are as good as gone I'm hoping for Bournemouth and West Ham. I think the Hammers may well get themselves out of it, as for Bournemouth they simply have to win tonight. With their fixtures, and despite Eddie saying they can win all seven games left, ahem yeah ok, anything other than 3 points against Newcastle will take some coming back from. Even with the three points its looking dodgy unless Watford continue to be abysmal.
  5. Ok cheers, my mistake, I blame lockdown 😁
  6. Oh so the straight red = 3 games doesn’t apply anymore then ? Didn’t realise that.
  7. yep, but once he mentioned it that was it, no stopping them....although Watford's 8-0 at City got dragged into it as well just to even things up. If anyone had told me with six matches left we would be on 40 points and safe I would have phoned the men in white coats. Its one hell of a turnaround.
  8. Walker Peters, Vestergaard and Smallbone all looked good but I thought Romeu was superb. If he’s going I wouldn’t bother anymore with PEH, look to next season now.
  9. His ability to put OUR defence under pressure with pointless back passes
  10. The thing now though is we have fairly quick forwards with Redmond, Ings, Long and Obafemi so instead of fannying about with it at the back we could actually put teams under pressure instead of giving them 5 minutes to regroup everytime we think about attacking. I’ve lost count of the number of times co-commentators/pundits/fans have said Southampton need to be quicker. It isn’t an issue away from home and it shouldn’t be rocket science to fix at home.
  11. I thought there was for VVD at least. Doubtful for Mane, Lovren and Lallana.
  12. Well Walker Peters has to stay in that team barring injuries now surely
  13. Only Ings and possibly Armstrong looked any good. Valery is bloody shocking, surely KWP can’t be any worse
  14. The capacity will be the interesting thing, even with a 1 metre social distancing that equates to every other seat and every other row or a V shaped pattern between people sitting in rows....however season ticket holders who live together or are in one of these bubble things would be able to sit together so that would add to the capacity. Nothing is straightforward with any of this and I would assume no away fans and very few if any non season ticket holders will be among those first in attendance when the red light for some spectators is finally given the go ahead.
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