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  1. Danny Murphy basically calling out Ralph as a bloody liar re not knowing about the McCarthy injury when you’ve got your bloody centre backs taking goal kicks for him. Dont often agree with Murphy but I think he’s right on this. Ralph once again trying to be Teflon.
  2. Yep, absolute shit show all round. I do wonder if Ralph has thrown McCarthy under the bus to deflect the blame yet again.
  3. I’m giving you the reason, I don’t want or deserve a smart arse comment! The difference is, clever arse, those tens of thousands aren’t touching the ball are they? I ain’t made the rules 🙄
  4. Something to do with a world wide pandemic?
  5. Even stranger that he’s picked him then 🤣
  6. Not unhappy with that line up. No Walcott even on bench. I still think Ralph picks the names out of a hat. Tella no game time then suddenly he gets a start…..at last !
  7. I noticed that VVD didn’t really celebrate his goal which given all the abuse we give him was credit to him.
  8. No, but I do wonder why he played a different formation than the one that worked against Man City and, bar the sending off, Chelsea. And oh look, he reverted to that when we are 3 down !
  9. Any chance Ralph holds his hands up and admits he got the formation wrong first half?
  10. Good of Ralph to give Tella a run out in another lost cause of a game.
  11. Cant be Covid, according to M Le Tissier there is no such thing.
  12. It's not gonna happen, not with Ralph in charge. Seems the excuse is FF not signing a new contract although that issue didnt arise last year when it was Ings.
  13. When have you ever heard Ralph take responsibility for screwing up? If he can’t understand how we lost then that’s very worrying to be honest.
  14. Redmond obviously out because of the baby arriving yesterday but no S Armstrong or Dejenepo. Unless these guys get injured in the session after his press conference Ralph is fond of telling the odd porkie to give the opposition a curve ball
  15. Chandlers Ford was the popular place for players back in the 80’s
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