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  1. What’s all this postcode crap? I thought when they originally planned for fans to come back Shroppie made it clear where fans lived didn’t come into it. Why should it now ffs?
  2. McCarthy kept us in that, and special mention for Walker Peters who I thought was excellent. One of the blocks he put in was superb.
  3. Whilst I agree it just all seems a bit strange. He was going to be ready after the first international break was the first we heard now, six weeks on, it seems we are no closer to him even getting an U23's run out. Fortunately we aren't looking towards him as the rock to shore up the defence at present.
  4. Absolutely over the moon about this news.
  5. good, give him a rest and a bit of treatment instead of travelling all over Europe to sit on a bench and get maybe a half here or there. Who the hell would want to go to Albania to play against Iceland.....just scrap it ffs, its meaningless.
  6. I think the thing that may have influenced a few to think that was his final pass, many of which would have put someone directly through on goal, didn’t quite come off so it looked at times like he was a little sloppy in possession. What he brings to the team is fantastic, we are definitely better when he plays.
  7. Yeah Pardew said last night on tv the international break has come at the wrong time for us. I don’t see that. The thought of Bertrand being out against a decent team and having Stephens at left back is reason enough the extra recovery time is a bonus. Newcastle were unable to cash in on that fortunately. And it takes up a week if Ings being out.
  8. Without being greedy I will be happy for Man Utd to get a draw or win at Everton so we stay top until Sunday. Spurs and/or Leicester result will put us back into Champions League place 😂
  9. He’s no fool. He knows at 31 he’s in the last chance saloon for a decent permanent transfer to a Premier League club. Nowhere better for him to be than Southampton, suits both player and club.
  10. Much to the relief of not only fans but Sky and BT who were getting crucified for something they weren’t making a penny out of.
  11. We did win at Chelsea last season with Ings sat on the bench didn’t we? We do have options up front, I’m more concerned about the left back and centre back positions for the Newcastle game at the moment.
  12. Yes they aren’t poor but away from home they are bloody boring and we do struggle to break teams down who sit back. A dour game probably 1-0 either way. The hope of going top even just for a day is killing me 😂
  13. yes, fine on a PC but laptop and phone is a no no
  14. good to see the club issuing an update on the website. Cant remember the last time they did something like that
  15. he was on Soccer Saturday reporting on the Skates home defeat this weekend so take from that what you will..... Dan Sheldon also reporting it on The Athletic as no serious damage shown in yesterday’s scan
  16. In all seriousness it’s just as well and that is a positive cos it wasn’t the case last year. All those who criticised the Walcott signing may see the wisdom of it over the next few weeks.
  17. If Ings is out Walcott plays through the middle and Redmond comes back in and plays like he has a point to prove !
  18. With the injuries, for once, I welcome the international break after the next game.
  19. That will hopefully do Redmond some good being benched. He needs a kick up the arse and obviously Ralph feels that way too.
  20. Why would that be then? Actually why would anyone be replacing Armstrong?
  21. He was absolutely superb today, an obvious Man of the Match had Alan Smith been watching the game properly
  22. Yeah well the same sources indicated Bertrand was about to sign a new deal and that was 2 months ago.
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