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  1. Having left work about 4 years ago I havn't had much time to check in.... Nice to see the old thread still going strong ;-) Fond memories of HMRC court cases and 'arry in the dock. The fiasco of the car park attendants pay packet. Charity payments being swallowed in to the PFC debts and shop closures. Penny Mordant begging the tax payer to throw tax payers money in the bottomless hole... They never believed that it would take most of a decade to return...
  2. I've not been on this thread for a while... Nothing's changed except it might be time to change the title to Tinpot Takeover Saga Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I hate to think what the "exclusive reward" is? Something they bought into the shop and sold none of?
  4. Roko..... Star Wars: Roko was the first mate of pirate Captain Finhead Stonebone in the years leading up to the Great Sith War. Finhead Starbone. LOL
  5. It's mine, all mine, day or night, WoHaHa, WoHaHa......
  6. If they went into administration (again) out side the football league, would the football creditors rule apply? Could all those pesky players payments be reduced to a manageable 1p in the £1?
  7. Any one brave enough to predict the Rochdale score and the resulting goal difference by next Sunday ?
  8. Any one know their email address? I've got a few investment schemes that I would like to show them. Poor sods
  9. I read somewhere they had had 100 players in the last two years. 100 two year contracts?...
  10. Come on chesterfield! Sort it out!!!
  11. Something went wrong with the dictation. The cash injection was to install a ring fence around Fratton Park......
  12. Behind the blue block at the rear of the petrol station?
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