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  1. I thought one was from yesterday, but their official account tweeted training photos not long ago and he's in them.
  2. He's in their training photos from this morning, and he has been instagramming videos from their hotel. I'm pretty sure he is still there.
  3. ...and he is in Marbella on a Winter training camp.
  4. His goal to minutes ratio this season is worse than Austin & Gabbiadini despite much more opportunity (3x as much playing time as Austin). This seems an apt place to put this:- http://georgeweahscousin.com/the-weekly-rannt-ex-infatuations/
  5. Some thoughts on the manager, the players and 'the fear'. Probably nothing that others haven't said before but felt like jotting down my feelings. http://georgeweahscousin.com/hello-darkness-my-old-friend/
  6. It changes somewhat but not enough. He has to get 3 points against Brighton and a minimum of 1 against WBA to raise his reputation above clown shoe for me. Having said that I'd have sacked him immediately after the Leicester debacle.
  7. On a short term deal to keep us up? Absolutely.
  8. You miss my point. If we were comfortably mid table or in pre-season I would say that he is a good option (even then I would have reservations about his attitude if someone else came calling). But we are in a relegation battle and his only previous experience of that ended in relegation. It's a significant risk in our current position. If we (we won't) replace MP now then it needs to be someone with significant Premier League experience.
  9. Got his head turned by Everton and Watford have one win in the last eleven and nosediving. I don't get the hype. People celebrate him because he ALMOST kept Hull up, but the reality is, he didn't. Not what we need right now.
  10. Promes' 79th minute penalty could not prevent Spartak losing 3-2 to FC Astana. He played the 81 minutes.
  11. Given that he started for Spartak in a pointless training camp game in Dubai this afternoon, I'm guessing a deal isn't close.....
  12. Exactly the kind of can do attitude we need for a relegation scrap!
  13. Manager. The one we have is inexperienced, naive and out of his depth. It's plain to see. Has our squad deteriorated the last couple of years? Yes. Is it a squad that should be nose diving into a relegation battle? Not a chance.
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