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  1. Arsenal current no.2 has been dreadful anytime he's been called upon.
  2. Do think the Man City offside goal is one where the laws are just badly devised.
  3. Was really hoping he'd be a figure we could build around in the same way Leicester have been able to do with Vardy. Really disappointing after all the forward progress we're likely going to have to play russian roulette in buying some rough diamond to replace him with.
  4. If the release fee is so low it's akin to him saying he doesn't want to sign a new contract.
  5. Professional display. Frustrating not to be able to put it to bed earlier. Watts was probably the brightest of the youngsters. Hopefully we can start getting one or two back.
  6. Long looking a bit better this half, dropping deeper to link up play after an anonymous 1st half.
  7. Ok first half given the different team. N'lundulu bright again, his goal seemed a bit scuffed but nice movement beforehand. Valery looking good going forward though not as good as KWP defending. Hopefully we can grab a couple of quick goals and then rest more first teamers
  8. I really hope he signs but it's looking worrying. If he doesn't i really hope it's not because we've not been prepared to push the boat out & it's just that he set his mind on leaving.
  9. I'd argue the opposite. Far better to give Vokins a run out this game to see what he can do as we may need him to fill in for Bertrand. Bertrand could still come in for potential Arsenal tie.
  10. Game really changed on the goal. We'd been the better team. Not to excuse the individual errors in build up but Diallo non foul was inconsistent with how ref handled fouls rest of game. Afterwards Leicester could sit and pick us off(which is their preferred away strategy) as we had to go more and more aggressive and rode our luck defencively. Unlucky with the Armstrong chance that hit the bar. Still not a bad display given the players that were out.Impressed by N'lundulu. Long though really not looking a premier league level striker anymore. Another wide player (Smallbone out). We're worrying
  11. The missed fould was annoying, especially as 2 minutes earlier he did JWP for something similar. We played pretty well in 1st half. Leicester have defended well and one good ball by them and slight mistake by Stephens has come off for them. Hopefully we can nick an equaliser in 2nd half
  12. Small one seems an odd choice. Would have preferred Walcott out wide. Fingers crossed we can pull out a surprise result.
  13. Hope the story that ivanka trump banned the secret service agents protecting them from using any of their multiple bathrooms is true.
  14. Embarassing decision. If i was a fan of one of the teams forced into virtual throwing of their fixtures by playing u18's i'd be raging that Shrewsbury game has been rescheduled.
  15. Exactly you can see the instant the impeachment proceedings have begun Trump has crawled out of hiding, because he's got something to rail against which he couldn't do when it was just about the riot.
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