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  1. Be good to have Theo as an impact sub replacement for Armstrong. Could see him having big effect against tired targett legs if game is still tight.
  2. Found it hilarious our coaching staff were still showing stuff to long on the iPads when they were preparing to bring him on in the 2nd minute of injury time. Then the ball didn’t go out of play anyway.
  3. Very happy with that. Great team performance. Didn’t understand the pre game talk seeming to trying to turn them into a city or a Liverpool type game in terms of challenge.They are still everton with lots of ordinary players and a missing a couple too.
  4. They are still in the league cup aren’t they, which may give him one game. Better than being namedropped as the 9-0 keeper forever.
  5. So far tonight, won a penalty and 2 assists.
  6. The other shoe dropping, in regards those suggestions of scrapping league cup/cutting league size. Hopefully other clubs will do all possible to resist enabling this sort of monstrosity.
  7. lol, So i wasn't the only one to think of the Vestergaard, Samson analogy.
  8. I’d be disappointed if we don’t at least get a point. They are improved but by no means perfect. if we have aims of finishing in the top half we should be aiming to get something against the likes of Everton.
  9. Exactly, i would have been super annoyed if we naively handed them a chance to break away and win it.
  10. Very curious to see if he'll play in next week's U23 game. Surely he should be getting those sort of games under his belt.
  11. Seems to suit Ralph's system, in that he's not someone who wants to be hugging the touchline.
  12. See Donny won at Pompey and he got the assist.
  13. Fab display in the 2nd half. Deserved that point. Was frustrated at the naive way we let them back in at 2-2. Nice to see us being professional after getting it back to 3-3. Walcott carries a threat. Vestergaard seems a different player. Thought Romeu was suberb.
  14. Last season it might have been disallowed for that with the different interpretation.
  15. Bednarek really struggling. Can't see us not conceding again unless we can do something to shut down Werner. Some nice attacking play by saints and good pressing for the goal.
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