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  1. Was thinking of that Keegan quote myself today. I'd definitely love it if clubs stood up to the big six. There would be a lot of short-term pain but then they would adapt to the altered landscape, whereas imo the big six would suffer long term pain from being excluded from everything. Best thing i heard was that Council's apparently have power to revoke use of city names, so Liverpool might have to rebrand themselves as Mersey Reds
  2. Would nice if some/all of Saints, Villa, Brighton & Leeds get together to work out some sort of combined protest for each of this week's games against big four.
  3. Curious who the 3 gutless teams are who've indicated they want to join but just not yet.
  4. Hopefully Premier league have guts to kick out those 6 clubs. International football could be interesting with players banned from competing, which would likely affect bigger countries more.
  5. Hopefully the authorities follow through with their threats to clubs that have signed on to this.
  6. Glad to see Djenepo start. Disappointed he's not made other changes.
  7. What are the odds that we end up finishing behind the trash that is Newcastle
  8. Yeah to me, our keepers clearly aren’t good at it so they should stay still and make the penalty taker hit a corner rather than letting them roll it down 5he middle every time.
  9. I’m worried about tuning in to see Ralph has decided he was so impressed by wba performance that he’s stuck with the same xi. personally I still prefer macca over forster though I think it’s unlikely he’ll switch again. fullbacks no option. centre backs. Bednarek needs a breather, not sure Ralph will oblige. Salisu’s recovery speed feels like a better option when you’ve threat speed of vardy/ineacho centre mid. Given how diabolically bad they were I’d argue for surprising everyone and starting jankewitz. Expect to be praying the early diallo returns not the recent absent v
  10. Exactly this, the only ones we’d be likely to shift are one we wouldn’t want to lose.
  11. We''ve got other options at centre back and winger. CM, well there's always Jankewitz which would be a gamble but it's not as if he's not talented.
  12. Why's he even on the bench. If he's not going to play when Diallo plays utter gash, or even when we only have 1 cm(stephens, armstrong playing there)
  13. Centre backs, diallo, walcott all should be nowhere near the lineup based on today's performance
  14. "We made changes but we were gone by that point." No Ralph you refused to make changes until we were gone
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