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  1. Being unbeaten against those below us may not inspire full confidence but it shouldn't inspire panic either. The next couple of league games will probably give a truer reflection of where we stand.
  2. Annoyingly liverpool have given up attacking
  3. Think there’s a whole heap of mid table teams that could get dragged into it imo. Also Newcastle could still very well go down despite their billions. Saints have played 5 of the current top 8, so if anything we’ve had a tougher run than some others.
  4. Away at Chelsea again where he'll have to spend most of his time defending.
  5. It frustrates me that the only chance Tella's been given is extremely tough away game to Chelsea. I thought he did ok but the nature of the game meant he didn't have that many opportunities to showcase his talent going forward.
  6. I was just disappointed Adam Armstrong got so little time on the pitch with us drawing.
  7. Curious what's the racist element of the Palace Banner police are investigating.
  8. I'm still hoping we'll get 10 points(6 more needed from next 3) from this run, which would be a very good return.
  9. I’d assume we would want to give Lyanco more game time, given we are an injury away from needing to use him in the league.
  10. Curious to see the scale of the changes Ralph makes for this.
  11. That's nonsense, it was a beautiful first time strike. Not many keepers would save that.
  12. Thought Djenepo was ok last week. Not sure why he didn't play. Think he would have shut down their first goal as he's better defensively than Elyounessi and would have closed down lowton. Walcott's the odd one. How he manages to leapfrog everyone to either come on or start, despite doing very little this season so far. That shank of his today was awful and that was one of the few moments he was actually in the game.
  13. In a number of games this season he has made good subs at the right time.
  14. Five points clear is well clear considering we've had a tougher run than most.
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