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  1. Would have been happy with that at start & probably fair reflection. slightly frustrating that Walcott missed such a glaring opportunity to make it 2 nil though
  2. Not a team I typically feel that confident against. hopefully we can pick up where we left off prior to international break and get something out of it.
  3. I’m assuming this current nonsense by trump is him laying groundwork for 4 years time trying again.
  4. Should stay 3. If Liverpool are concerned for the likes of TAA, well they should have rotated. Ifthey’d had 5 subs it’s not like klopp would have subbed him against man city at ht.
  5. Really abhor the offside law as it stands. You’ve got Bamford given offside for pointing his arm but haller not given offside when clearly his offside position caused the defender to think he had to head the ball, resulting in a goal.
  6. Ramsdale having a mare against Chelsea
  7. Seems like he hada decent game in their 3-0 nil win
  8. I’d like a utd draw. A loss might just prompt ole getting sacked.
  9. Handy to have the international break coming up.
  10. Next 2 games are going to be very interesting and challenging.
  11. Very odd. Not sure i fancy Ramsay as a centre back Is Obafemi still suspended?
  12. I definitely think it has helped the team. Our horrid home record had created an atmosphere which wasn't particularly conducive to the team playing freely. Hopefully the good results will have changed that whenever fans do finally get back in.
  13. Very impressive. Only really gave them that one chance all game, whereas we caused them huge problems. And that was without 2 key starters. curious how Walcott didn’t get a penalty.
  14. Good performance. Lead feels a bit insecure though. Left side an obvious weakness, djenepo seems a bit cautious at times, wonder if it’s under instruction with the makeshift leftback. real shame Walcott couldn’t bury that chance to make it 2 nil
  15. Pretty sure of late st maximin has been playing in more of a free role.
  16. Don't think we should move JWP out of CM. I'd be tempted to go Stephens at right back and KWP at left back if neither Vokins/Bertrand is available.
  17. Yeah from description i'm hoping it was more a case of being cautious and he'll be ok for Friday.
  18. Looked to me that diallo pulled his leg out of the challenge but I assume there must have been some sort of contact even if it was minimal.
  19. I'm more worried about Ings. Vokins hasn't done much wrong in his couple of opportunities, clearly a downgrade on Bertie but anyone would be.
  20. Think we should always have a fullback (Vokins) on the bench. Didn't need all four of (djenepo,long, n'lundulu,redmond). JWP has got very important to our midfield & shifting him to left back didn't help us at all.
  21. And left us with 9 or 10 men due to injuries!
  22. Not great 2nd half apart from ings wonder strike. Got the result, glad that 3nd went in, in the 97 minute when the game was over. Worrying on the injury front, especially danny. Thought all 3 replacements played rather poorly.
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