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  1. Anyone know if it's likely to be on tv anywhere?
  2. Why would Vestergaard be a good bet for Leicester? Perhaps because his lack of pace is exposed less in a back three than it is in Saints’ back four?
  3. Hasn't Maehle played midfield too? Seems unlikely we'd be in for him (even though he's been linked for ages) given he moved not that long ago.
  4. New goalkeeping shirts revealed this morning - McCarthy modelling all three. Forster nowhere to be seen ... 🤔
  5. Interesting that Tella made a be-line for Walcott after he’d scored his first goal on Saturday. You’d suspect there’s some degree of coaching/mentoring in his role at Saints.
  6. Which signals are those, out of interest?
  7. I hope you're not being entirely serious. It was a terrible decision, but it was hardly instrumental in the defeat.
  8. Bit early - the game doesn't start until 8.15.
  9. This was my first match at the Dell - Steve Moran hattrick before half time against Citeh. All those attempted two-footed tackles on Armstrong for the third goal would probably see 3 players sent off these days 😃 Southampton v Man City 1983
  10. Interesting piece here on Saints' tactical setup this season. It's in the Telegraph, so behind a paywall, but you can sign up to view the article for free.
  11. Not sure how that works out financially. Surely if three supporters pay £5 to watch a game, it's the same as one supporter paying £15. So if a lower charge gets many more people paying – and I'd say that paying a fiver is probably a more attractive prospect than using a stream – then the clubs have a decent chance of making more money.
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