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  1. The pace of that half was astonishing. I hope we have the legs to stay as competitive for next 45... We deserve at least a draw... Really great to see Smallbone so strong. The confidence of our passing is pretty incredible.
  2. Long's done nothing. Wd love to bring on Djenepo or Redmond instead. Can't believe it will be as dull second half... Diallo looking v promising to me. But has ended up wasting most of his hard-fought gains in possession. We'll sneak it 1-0 with Adams.
  3. Big picture. We're up against one of the world's best teams... and for 44 mins of the half every bit as good as them. My worry is second half... less energy, two midfielders booked. Hope Ings is OK.
  4. Also, how good was Che's assist for the goal...? His ability to receive the ball, hold off defenders, and turn, is something we're seeing every game.
  5. The sustained high quality of our football is such a joy to see. Without the ball as much as with it. The coordinated instigation of panic. We are one hard team to play against. ...and so happy for Walcott.
  6. So great to see Che Adams shine. Pretty sure he's going to become a Saints legend. Our dominance has been almost comical. And yet such is football, the score could easily have been 0-1. A couple of goals early in the half pls!
  7. It's really exciting when a player who's seen mixed performances starts to turn into a superstar. Thought Vestergaard was so strong today. That header. Wow. That's going to put a shudder through a lot of defenses. It wasn't that long ago that default opinion on here was 'tall good-hearted guy, but clumsy, can't jump." Today he showed not just a sensational goal, but some great passing and pretty much rock solid at the back. Him, Romeu, JWP and Adams (and maybe McCarthy and Walker-Peters too) have really been the story of the season. Our own loyal boys just getting better, step by step.
  8. Theo, JWP, Djen, Che... thrilling to watch. I'm on FaceTime w a Newcastle fan. Trust me, you'd rather be us!
  9. Patience, friends. Sometimes, good things take a while... Nothing's guaranteed. But I'm pretty sure there will be exciting news within a couple weeks. Wish I could say more.
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