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  1. Rossouw only signed a white ball contract for 2020. Edwards not returning this year because of COVID restrictions. As he is a Kolpak and not valid after this season he will return next year for a testimonial. Allowed 2 overseas from next season so Abbott and one more Abbott and Wheal not in this country due to COVID
  2. Big issues getting on yesterday but seems to have sorted itself out today (so far)
  3. Has anyone thought, bearing in mind the positive reports in the media that he has signed, that the reason for no announcement is that they are waiting final clearance for a work permit. Be silly to jump the gun even if the club are confident he will get one.
  4. I have same as yours Steve for my Galaxy A40
  5. That is what happened to me. BT Halo hub took 24 hrs. 4G a little less time but all fine now.
  6. I had to restart my phone to get to this new site. My laptop using windows goes to default unless I restart. So I tried my wife's iPad which has never been used for searching saintweb. Searched through google and it brings up the old page. So that is 3 different operating systems. You have a redirect problem Steve. My last post of the day
  7. Steve, I am getting it sometimes on my galaxy A40 and my laptop but come out and go in again and it takes me to old site. Happening on both. Took me three attempts to get this site. Had it on laptop but it has now reverted to the old. Not many posts on new site today suggests many not getting on.
  8. Well done Steve, looks fine and added to home page on my mobile. Reads well on there as well.
  9. Well that proved to be crap. Sky have said St Georges Park is not being considered. The original lead was from someone who works for a sport travel agency that manages logistics for some top teams (spurs, city, wolves, newcastle, rangers to name a few). The company has been tasked to arrange hotels and travel for 8 weeks starting mid may. Still set up a good discussion thread
  10. Premier league is back in June. I am told from someone (I wont say where he works or what he does but has contact with Spurs, City, Wolves, Newcastle, to name a few) to organise for 8 weeks event starting mid May. All premier league teams will play their remaining games at St Georges Park behind closed doors and for TV only. The complex will host 2/3 games a day that will be streamed live. The players will go into isolation mid May at select hotels in the vicinity of St Georges and will train at local clubs grounds. They will not be able to see family and friends during the period of games. Each player will be tested regulary to ensure safety and hotels will be locked down for players only. Could be a hoax but seems plausible. I do not know the above informant personally.
  11. Said it before and I will say it again - for opposition defenders Long is like a Wasp at a Picnic.
  12. Coaching Staff tight lipped on Bertie today but no one seems to have heard about a rift as previously suggested on this forum.
  13. There isn't one unless Rahane stays but my understanding is that he finished today. Did not field for Kent second innings but sat by the boundary.
  14. The only time a replacement player can do everything is following a head injury and concussion meaning he is out for the rest of the match. Otherwise, if the opposing captain agrees, we can bring in a specialist Wicket Keeper to keep if player is out but he cannot bat in either innings. That is why they are using Donald as sub so Alsop can bat
  15. We could get a sub WK but he would not be able to bat. Donald is the sub taking the role so Alsop can bat
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