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Robinson Crusoe

St Landrew

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Now here's a hoary old theme. But how many of you think of school summer holidays, and a black and white dubbed version that seemed to last the whole holiday long..?


It first came along in 1965 in the UK, and was repeated every year until the early 1970's. I remember coming in from playing outside, switching the telly on, and there it was again. It was on so many times, I'd think... flipping 'ell - that again..? Well nowadays I kind of miss it, in a nostalgic way.


But not now that it's on Youtube. The whole 13 episodes, in around 10 minutes chunks. Just for the hell of it, I'm watching the whole thing via Realplayer 11. I thought it would be awful. It is, but I love it..! Try some:



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