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Metallica gig at the O2 - £5 tickets


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Might be a bit late but a mate and I have just got tickets to this on Monday 15 September. Couldn't get seats together and probably not the best ones still left but there still seemed to be more tickets available.


For anyone interested, this is how you might get tickets:


You need to register at http://www.missionmetallica.com (the free membership option) and it gives you a pass number and a link through the back door onto ticketmaster.com


Paying members could get tickets for the past couple of days but the rest that hadn’t sold went to the free membership people today.


£5 ticket through Ticketmaster plus £2 postage and booking fee. Excellento.

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Sweet Jesus.


The last time I saw a gig for £5 was when I was walking past the Pompey Guildhall with a couple of mates (in about 1988 ) and they were flogging off tickets for that evening's Europe gig for a fiver. Quality performance tbf.


But Metallica, for a fiver, has to be a bargain.

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