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Weston Super Saint

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The game is basically split into 5 mini games.

1) You are a microbe type tiny thing, swim around, eat stuff, grow bigger

2) You the above creature evolved with legs, run around, eat stuff, grow bigger

3) You are a tribe, controlling multiples of your creature, run around, eat stuff, make village bigger

4) You are in control of a city. You build a few tanks n planes, fly around, bomb stuff, grow (your civilzation) bigger

5) You are space faring nation, you fly around, conquer stuff and get (your species) bigger.


The "twist" if you will, is that you can modify any aspect of the creature, its features as weapons, legs, arms, eyes etc, tho ultimatley this makes sod all difference, for example why would you WANT to create a creature that has no chance of survival.


Its actually a pretty good game and has eaten up a good couple of evenings, I understand that the "space" stage is where things really get interesting, which is where I got up to last night

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