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Would you want to have this pilot ?

Saint in Paradise

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New Zealand Police have announced that they have caught several Air NZ staff drink driving whilst on their way to work.


One pilot, whom they still employ and he still flys, has several convictions, which he kept secret somehow

although they have known since 2007.


The head of the country's national airline is standing by one of his pilots who concealed from the company three drink-driving convictions.


Air New Zealand pilot Warwick West had convictions for drink-driving in 1998, 2001 and 2007 and one further charge against him dropped in 2004, 3 News reported tonight.


During that time he continued to fly and did not tell Air NZ or the Civil Aviation Authority of his offending.


It was only when police tipped off both organisations after the 2007 conviction that they became aware.


Tonight's revelation comes days after an internal police memo suggesting that there was a drinking culture among Air New Zealand staff was leaked to 3 News. The claim was vigorously denied by the airline







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I know of a BA pilot who does long haul flights in his 747 weekly, he is a 5' 4" scottish chap and is a raging alcoholic, I have seen him leave the pub after 10 Stellas at 2am in the morning knowing full well he is flying out of heathrow at 6am that morning.

Total **** if you ask me.

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It's all ok people "Air NZ praises convicted pilot"


"An Air New Zealand pilot who did not tell authorities about three drink-driving convictions was described last night as a "model citizen" by the airline."


The CEO said "He trusted West had overcome any problems with alcohol, and had no issues with him remaining as a pilot."


He doesn't know then ? just trusts ? :mad:


A taxi driver might ( but only might ) keep his taxi licence for one conviction, two convictions and

he will be needing another job as he would lose his taxi licence for ever but this pilot keeps his.:mad:



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