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Right or Wrong?


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Bit of an overreaction though wasn't it?


The kid didn't even seem to know there was a problem until hid Dad overreacted.


I'm sure pinning him up the wall by his throat and slowly strangling him to death would have been a more appropriate and measured response.


dear, dear, what is the world coming to.

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can't see anything wrong with that,would have done the same. i worked in Debenhams when i was younger & a downs bloke hit a middle aged man unprovoked. he reacted & hit him back,decking him & splitting his lip wide open. in stepped the downs blokes family going mental saying its wrong to hit disabled people etc but the man didn't know he was & just reacted. i didn't help matters by saying that i thought disabled people wanted to be treated like everyone else & therefore should except they are just as likely to get a smack in the mouth as anyone else in the same situation.

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