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  1. I take it that reserve price includes James ?
  2. You may find Spurs/Redcrap have agreed to pick up a larger percentage, if not all, of his wage in order he continues to develop through 1st team football.
  3. Talking paintings ? Would be interesting to see how he "would let his brush bear witness"
  4. If you are in the middle of due dillegence by a wealthy UK based business man/consortium why sell ??
  5. From BBC Local News 'Portsmouth players have stepped in to save the jobs of four of the club's training ground staff, manager Avram Grant has said. The debt-ridden club laid off 85 staff in a bid to cut costs after going into administration in February. But players and staff have rallied to cover the wages of the club groundsman, a masseur and two others. "The players, me, the staff and everybody contributed, and I must say we were happy to do it," said Grant.' I bet Grant is happy to keep on the Masseur, probably cheaper than those at Unit 1 !!
  6. Quality link, written as if he were a Saints fan and indeed a subscriber to this site, everything on there has been referenced on here.
  7. Surely they will need to see evidence of bank transfers to support any documentation produced ?? if so would make it very difficult to create retrospectively(I hope)
  8. To be fair Nick the vat due on ticket sales will be negligible !!
  9. Long may he make those claims then !!
  10. Do the Revenue go to the High Court as suggested in order they are seen "basically crossing their Is and dotting their Ts" ?
  11. You could be right, didn't hear the whole interview as was distracted somewhat, factor in an ear infection(left ear) but what I did hear did not stack up imo, will try and listen again tonight as I may just be bias in the hope all is not what it seems ?
  12. Brilliant and forwarded to all on my address book
  13. "the real interested parties" are you suggesting some interest has not been real ?
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