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  1. ok does anyone know how many league two clubs have a director of football? Be interested to see what wages Coppell is pulling
  2. Like above they charged Carlise to park their team bus!! Take note Cortese lol http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=463&fid=221&sty=2&act=1&mid=2113214076
  3. ok whats going on now! trying to get back their 10 points? http://www.portsmouthfc.co.uk/LatestNews/news/Urgent-Plea-To-2010-Creditors-3538.aspx This is an urgent plea to creditors of Portsmouth City Football Club Ltd, the old company which entered administration in February 2010. The club need all such creditors to contact us with names, addresses and email addresses immediately as a matter of great importance. Time is of the essence as the fight goes on to save this great football club with 114 years of glorious history behind it. 2010 creditors are vital to the process. We
  4. If you have an offical payslip with your tax / ni being showed as deducted it is the repsonsibility of the employer not the employee. Saying that a payslip is not a legal document where as a P60 / P45 is. If the TAX / NI is shown on that then in court it would stand as being paid and the employer is liable
  5. Why would Portpin fund administration at an additional cost of £15m!!!!
  6. OK, Im sure some one dug something up that said they could not go into Administration while under a winding-up order from the high courts? Or is this ********?
  7. I might be wrong GM, but I thought all football related creditors get paid first in the case of football clubs going into admin so HMRC are down the list
  8. The only way I see PFC surviving now is that if Chanrai bank rolls the club for a few months. The administrator needs the money coming in, to pay wages etc etc. But as we all now there is no money, so how much does Chanrai put it? He was only in for £17m but thats only 3-4 months wages! I still cant see anyone doing it.
  9. I honestly think they will go under, they can not and have not run as a viable business for months now. The long list of creditors is getting longer and longer every day, and the whole ownership thing is a mess. Like said above I cant see matey throwing any more money at it knowing he will not get a return and to be honest he wont. He is only owed £17m, if you pay £7.5 to the HMRC you are increasing your "loan" by nearly 50%, added to that other debts ie Sol Campbell, and wages you are nealry doubling it!
  10. This what I have said all along, it is because the Premier League is a brand and they want to protect it self. If Pompey were in the FL they would have been ****ed over by now!
  11. Storrie says: "Now we've sold Kaboul, this is no longer an issue." Been reading the figures So they couldnt pay the staff on Friday which means no money in the bank. They sell Kaboul for £6.5m, so the reported £3m wages takes that down too £3.5m £2.7m to other clubs means they have £800k in the bank which isnt gonna help them!!!!
  12. I take both comments above on board in reply to mine but dont you think that if this was a club in the FL they would have been punished quite hard with points deduction etc already?
  13. I have a feeling the PL will overturn their ruling and allow Pompey to enter the transfer market. The reason being is that the PL is world wide brand and I think they will do there up most to keep Pompey safe etc etc to protect the league. It is bad business if PFC go bust etc while in the league. But it just shows the difference between the PL and FL. There is no money in reality in the FL and they have shown with us, Bournemouth and Luton etc they dont give a hoot and basically kicked a club while it is on its last legs. Once Pompey get relegated into the FL, they will get the same treat
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