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  1. Sky " Sources" have really fooked up this time
  2. 3 points after a frustrating performance away from home will do very nicely! Great save by Forster to deny Austin & a quality finish by Mane from a good through ball by Yoshida ,who i thought played well at LB. Fingers crossed Targett is ok & the Xrays are all clear UTS!
  3. cock, missed the goal. tap in or worldy ?
  4. thanks for posting, saves having to wait until near the end of MOTD
  5. Cannot stand the little scabby lipped cock! Love seeing him squirm on the touchline, watching another crap performance from his expensively assembled team
  6. oh dear i bet he can't wait to see wot sh*te the missus can stir up next
  7. I wonder, in light of today's events whether the flag which many fans paid towards could be used as was intended to show our gratitude to Markus on matchdays? I think it would look great passing along the stands or maybe stretched out on the pitch ?
  8. Just made sure I'm in the spare room tonight by showing this to the missus ? Bit deaf from the screaming as well !
  9. Like this alot ! How about a small change to the last 2 lines - On the left,on the right, or going for your goal Dusan Tadic,he's a Saint and he's tearing you a new hole!
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