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VCR to DVD Transfer


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Ok, I have loads (and loads) of old Football and F1 VCR's I have recorded from tv. It's coming to the time when I want to put these onto a more up to date format. So I am considering buying a VDR/DVD all in one that will let me copy them, I do have a few concerns though.


1) I understand there are some copy restrictions on VCR's. Will this stop me from transfering the old 'Off the tele' tapes onto DVD?


2) Any recommendations for a unit to do this?




3) How easy is it to record from Sky onto DVD using such a device?



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If your tapes were recorded by you, you will have no problems. If they are pre-recorded tapes, then you may have problems with a normal stand alone HDD/DVD recorder. The trick is to use a computer with a TV/Tuner/Capture card instead, because most recording/copying software doesn't care whether there's a code or not. Besides, in my experience, a PC's DVD writer e.g. an NEC 2510A, writes better and more stable DVDs than most stand alone recorders.

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