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Stern adopting the Dwight Yorke role?


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When Stern played the 2nd half today, I noticed he was dropping very deep and the team as a whole were looking to create openings through him.


Could it be that Stern adopts a role similar to that of Dwight Yorke at Sunderland? As he gets older, could he possibly sit deeper and become more of a creative influence?


Another point too, is how tonight has just confirmed to me that if we keep one striker out of Saga, Rasiak and John, then SJ is the one to hold on to. He fits into our new system much better than Rasiak, and Saga seems to have all but gone.



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I think that Stern will be wasted in that role - he remains our best CF imo.


This thread highlights one thing though, the flexibility of our system.


For example, Lallana could adopt a role on either wing or in the hole. BWP down either wing or CF. Dyer down either wing. Surman could play in the hole as could Euell or even Skacel.


I could go on. The point is that during the season -and even during games I reckon - we will see a lot of players in a lot of roles.


Should be fun!

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I think McG, John and Patterson competing for the 1 striker position might be enough. We couldn't keep Rasiak and Saga happy too.


Rather get the sales wrapped up as quickly as possible.


Which would hopefully free up some money for a loan full back or two.....


James sounds like he could make the step up, but after him we are a little short of experience. And as others have said, youngsters WILL have a drop in form or get injured/tired as Surman seemed to last season, so for 46 games + (hopefully) some cup matches we need cover

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