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If they weren't politicians


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Lets face in many if not post politicians would be ****ing useless in the real world and without their social networks, so just for name some politicians and what they'd do if they weren't MP's


I'll do my 4 pet hates of the present lot:


Thing Gove (tory education ma) - in charge of supermarket trollies or human person in thunderbirds ( he looks like he's on strings the way he floats about)


George Osborne (tory chancellor maybe) - out of work, on benefits and prozac for being bullied at work. A life on the dole is all he's good for.


Ed Balls - working behind the bar at a Labour club, thinks he's great at it but the drinkers all think he's a ***** and grateful he aint a councillor or better. When the bar runs out crisps it's never his fault.


David Milliband - local governement, 25 going on 55 and going wild for David is a J2o on a saturday nite. Takes a keen interest train numbers for fun. for his holiday david likes to fuel his other passion and he buys a ladder to watch planes

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