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Goodwood Festival of Speed in July...


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Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton confirmed. Also attending this year will be Mika Hakkinen, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and John Surtees.


This year is also the first year that there's a 'moving motor show' - with 20 manufacturers involved.


If you've never been to the Goodwood FoS before - it's a great day out & worth every penny. Plus it's only along the coast a bit!



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Keep an eye out for a "competition" in the Sunday Times - they have sponsored the event in previous years, and give away 5,000 or so tickets for the Friday. Even if you don't win, they are usually easily available on eBay for under £15.


Saturday and Sunday is when all the F1 drivers turn up, but the crowds are too large (I am more interested in the machinery anyway!). The paddocks allow you to get up close to all sorts (and sometimes sit inside if you ask nicely!), and there is a recently introduced rally stage at the top of the hill.


Last year I was surprised that they had organised a full (15 min) Red Arrows display on the Friday - I was only expecting a fly-by!

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