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Sir Rickie's Awards 2009-10


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After RL's excellent 3rd place podium finish in the SSN Goal of the Season, it got me thinking just how many personal awards has Southampton's goal machine amassed this season?


I could go away and try to work it out myself but I thought it might be more fun for everyone to help compile the list.


Oh, alright I'm a lazy git!

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I think this is pretty exhaustive. Not a bad haul for the Saints for one season.


PFA Team of the Year L1

- RL, KD, JP.


PFA Fans Player of the year L1

- RL


JPT Final MoM

- RL


L1 Golden boot



PFA Fans Player of the Month

March 2010 -RL

Feb 2010 – RL nominated.

Jan 2010 - RL


Coca Cola League Player of the month

Apr 2010 – RL nominated

Feb 2010 – LB nominated

Dec 2009 – RL nominated

Nov 2009 –AL nominated

Oct 2009 – DHam nominated; LB also for Southend


Coca Cola League Manager of the month

April 2010 – AP nominated

Dec 2009 – AP nominated

Oct 2009 – AP nominated


Flybe Player of the year

– RL (from KD).


FlyBe Player of the month

April 2010 -?

Mar 2010 - RL

Feb 2010 – LB

Jan 2010 – MA

Dec 2009 – RL

Nov 2009 – AL

Oct 2009 – RL

Sept 2009 – AL

Aug 2009 - DanH


CC L1 Press Association Team of the week

10/5/10 - AL

26/4/10 – MA

19/4/10 –JF

12/4/10 –KD & JO

6/4/10 – AL

23/3/10 –DHam & RL

16/3/10 – DanH

3/3/2010 – AL, JP, LB

22/2/10 – LB, JP

14/12/09 –DanH

7/12/09 –DHam,DC

23/11/09 – AL

3/11/09 – RL

27/10/09 – DHam

13/10/09 –MS, AL

14/09/09 – AL

25/8/09 – DHam



EA sports fan of the year

– Herbie Taylor.

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