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A web site that grows on you

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Not sure if this is the best place to post this website but at least putting it here should reduce the number of silly replies.


The more you look at it the better it becomes, well IMHO :D


Long intro on this link:-




Home Page:-







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In a sense, it allows the person, who can understand concepts and detail, but can't grasp the mathematics, to stay in there with the mathematician. It means anyone with sufficient imagination could realistically think through an idea, perhaps to its end, rather than stopping at the first mathematical, financial, projective hurdle. I like it a lot. Wish it had been around about 40 years ago, when I knew Mathematics wasn't going to be my thing. Considering this is as BAD as it will get, information wise, it's an excellent start.


It's being bookmarked as soon as I post this. BTW, the intro is well worth looking at.


Thank you mate, for bringing that to my attention.

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That is simply brilliant. Still at the initial stages but already so much it can do. Very impressive, thanks for sharing :)

Oh yes, this is a pretty good place to put it, very few of the muppets venture here I suspect, St Landrew was just a blip :D

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