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Reserves Win

Saint Charlie

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This was an excellent game of football, played at a good pace with chances for both teams. Saints had a very, very young team. Bart was in goal, and had one or two good saves. Whitey had a magnificent 10 minutes and Paterson threw himself into every tackle/challenge in both boxes! Millwall came with a very experienced side, and towards the end of the game put in a few meaty challenges, as our 'kids' were passing them off the park!

Little left back Reeves did a sterling job and really got stuck in - well done (reminded me of Joseph Mills a year or two back!).


3-1 was a very fair result in the end. More youngster on the conveyor belt, halleujah!!



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What's Paterson like as a player?


Ive only seen him against Winchester pre season and he couldnt get into the game, didnt look too good and got frustrated with himself.


Ive heard good things about him, maybe he just had an off day?





I guess I've been raving about Paterson (and White and Mills and Hatch!!) for a while. I've watched him for a couple of years now and he is just growing into an outstanding prospect. He's good in the air, and very fast. He is not the most natural goalscorer I have ever seen but he brings masses to the 'team'. His all round effort is outstanding. He's still only 18 and I see him playing better football the higher level he plays at. Great to see he got his debut on Tuesday, I hope JP continues to use him and he gets 15/20 minute run outs in many more games this season - next season he will be the real deal (IMHO of course!)




PS Winchester was his worst pre-season - I think he scored in just about all the others!

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