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Muppet Show Rules




This is a forum where people may discuss all off-topic non-Saints related subjects in a sensible manner. All threads in this forum will now be treated in the same way as asterisked threads were on the old General Chat board.





What's the difference then?

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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills

icon1.gif Muppet Show Rules

This forum is intended to be light-hearted, and a place where people can engage in friendly banter and generally have a laugh with each other. Moderation on this forum will not be as strict as it is elsewhere on the site but this does not mean that anything goes. Personal abuse and prejudice such as racism/homophobia will still be dealt with in the same way as it is elsewhere on the site, as will images or links to pornography.


The admin team would like to apologise to those members who use this site responsibly and have been deprived of their regular fix of banter while we have deliberated over what action should be taken. As always, we are fully committed to providing the biggest and best Saints message board on the internet for everybody’s enjoyment. We hope that this new format will make the site easier to navigate and more accessible to everybody, and will encourage the return of serious off-topic discussion, which is what the old General Chat forum was originally intended for, while still catering for the light-hearted banter that some members wish to use the forum for.




The Admin team.


Where's the problem, Becks?

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